January & February 2012 Hits & Misses

Last month I didn’t manage to do January hits and misses, I’m sorry! I was busy for Chinese New Year and recently my brother’s wedding, I wasn’t expecting to be busy at all. I’m compiling both together and there are ten products to be mention. Bare with me with this long post.

Skin Food Egg White Serum

This promises to minimize pores and reduces white and blackheads. I hauled this in December 2011 for MYR42.90 and I finally finished them. I had high expectations from this serum after looking into Skin Food Malaysia’s Facebook where they held 12 days challenge trial of this serum and most of them benefit from it. After using for two and half months, it almost did nothing to my skin. My pores are still dilated, blackheads and whiteheads remains and no oil control. This is a NO-NO for me.

The Face Shop Clean Face Spot Corrector

I also hauled this in December  for MYR25.90 and promises to treat and fade acne spots. At first week,  I did notice slight difference but as I go on, it didn’t do much. Maybe my acne spots are too stubborn, I might need something stronger.

Bioré UV Perfect Face Milk SPF50+ PA+++

I received this in collaborating with Bioré to create makeup tutorials for the last Chinese New Year. If you haven’t seen the tutorial, check it out here. I super love this sunblock for face especially for it’s high SPF and mattifying effect. There was a garage sale opened in last January and I was participating as seller, oh my the weather was crazy hot hot hot and sunny! By the end of the day, I was left without any sun burn on my face but it did for the rest of the sellers even my Lover. I layer skincares during the day and after the layers, I do get the ‘wet’ look on my face and after slathering this baby on my face, it makes my skin look powdery smooth. I highly recommend this for combination to oily skin types.

Biocillin Plus + Double Rich Formula

I bought this from MagicBoo, they are beauty supply store or wholesaler. Each box originally priced at MYR50 but it was discounted to MYR35 for members and bought it on the final day of the discount. These was said to be ampoules but if you look carefully, it’s printed essence there and they come in syringe. Once open, they could last a week and ordinary ampoules last for a few days. Ampoules are also a stronger formula than serums and the reason I bought this is because I wanted to look good during my brother’s wedding! I shared some of my ampoules with my brother, sister in law and mom. I love the whitening essence because a lot of my acne scars are fading after I used this. It shows a lot of difference in just a week and I felt this is like a skin activator because it helps my skin to absorb product better. The texture is light, however the lifting essence is a little tacky after applying. I highly recommend the whitening essence!

Mentholatum Lip Ice Lemon Lip Balm SPF15

Lip balms with SPF is one of my essentials during the day especially with the air conditioning in my office, my lips tend to get dry easily. I also re-apply quite often because I sip my drinks a lot and I bought this in September 2011, this does last me pretty long huh? It’s really affordable and finally, coming to reach its end. This is sufficient for normal dry lips, I wouldn’t know how good it could lock moisture if you have super dry lips.

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait

I couldn’t rave more about this lip butter and I have already reviewed this. If you haven’t check it, please check it out here. This is one of my favourite shade out of all the ones I have and I believe it is many people’s favourite if they own Peach Parfait. I won’t go into details for this since there is a full review on it.

Elianto Pearl Shine Shadow in Light Salmon

This is priced for only MYR5 from Elianto and I used this in my previous tutorial of Classic Shanghai Night. This eye shadow has a little shimmery effect to it but nothing too overwhelming. This is to start as a base to even out your eye area and highlighter.

Eye Brow Razors

These tools are awesomely useful to shave off tiny puny fine hairs around your brows. Those hairs aren’t easy to be held using tweezers. I bought these from Chamelon for MYR4.50 for three razors and I believe they could last me long time.

Sunsilk Keratinology Heat Protectant Spray

I bought this early last month and I reckon I need this since I have my own styling tool now. To my surprise, I do style my hair more often than I thought and there was once, I styled it twice and it did not damage my hair. I guess this works! It also makes the styling more prominent, the only cons about this is the price. Do compare prices in between the drug stores because they could differ very much. I bought this only for MYR17.50 and recently was MYR20+, just a soft reminder to be careful!

Samsung EX1 Case

This is non beauty related, just another geeky part of me. I bought this vintage-like case for my camera from Ebay and it arrived in two weeks. High quality with reasonable price and my camera fits perfectly into it. YAY!


Have you tried any of these?


Traclyn Yeoh
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