July 2012 Hits & Misses

I miss July because I had so much fun from my vacation! I mean who doesn’t love vacation? Last month was also en exciting month because I have finally revealed the project that I’m running with some friends, its called WOW! Project. Check out the first episode here and we want to go further other than just writing. To turn it out into videos does involve much harder work but its more interactive.

Beaubelle Clarity Brightening Cleansing Exfoliator

This is from Fabulous Finds July 2012 box and it came in the right time as I was looking for a good facial scrub. I love it! It does quite a decent job in scrubbing off my blackheads but not completely. I like how soft and smooth my skin is after exfoliating!  I use it on alternate days, the scrubbing beads aren’t too harsh and its gel formula.

Superdrug Deep Action Cleansing Lotion

This was one of my favorite a few months back but now no-no. Most of my acne cleared off after using this but its too strong that it dried out the areas on my cheek and chin making it itchy and sensitive. I finally found the culprit! Maybe I could only use it on my t-zone where it is much more oily. Otherwise, I think this is my last bottle.

Lancôme Blanc Expert Ultimeate Whitening Refining Lotion

I have gotten a little tan when I came back from my vacation and I thought this could help me. I have my hands on this from the prize that I won during Lancôme Rouge In Love Blogger Party. I was worried that if this will make my skin more oily but it doesn’t! The whitening effect is not prominent but it kept my skin moisture balanced.

Daiso False Lashes

Japanese lashes can almost never fail me. Although I’m just using MYR5.00 worth of false lashes but it definitely does it the job. This lashes in particularly bought in Daiso and this type is very light weight and natural. I also used this in my Katy Perry Wide Awake Inspired makeup. I choose the type where its lash band is thin and more towards the natural look.

TRESemmé Color Fade Protection Conditioner

This conditioner was on sale last month, it was for MYR15.90 and I thought its a good buy for a 500ml. L’oreal’s conditioner wasn’t as moisturizing and I was amazed by my first use of this conditioner.My hair is very much tangle free, smooth and repaired.  The only thing that I don’t like about this conditioner is the nozzle where it looks like the traditional sunblock nozzle. It was difficult to dispense the conditioner out, so I have to let the bottle stand on its nozzle for easier dispensing.

Lancôme Absolue L’Extrait

I just couldn’t get enough of the scent from this cream, the scent of Lancôme rose I believe. It smells so good that there are few times, I opened the jar just to have a swift of the scent.  Its super pricey cream but I was very fortunate to be able to try this cream. I have a full review and you will know why I love it so much here.

Forever 21 Armor Ring

I love this ring so much and purchased it for only MYR19.00 from Forever21 Mid Valley. I wore it constantly for a month until last Saturday it gave way. The connector by the joint just broke but I think I could still fix it. I love the design that its not too masculline.


What’s your star buy last month?


Traclyn Yeoh
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