Review: Loujene False Eye Lashes 04, Natural Awesome Japanese Lashes!

For as much I love false eye lashes, I’m trying to wear them as much as I could. Every time when I felt like wearing one, I tend to worry if I would look overly done. Maybe because I do already have long lashes but I feel they are still lack in volume. I tend to pick false lashes that gives more volume and I picked this pair, Loujene False Eye Lashes 04 which I get a lot of compliment when I wear them.

Joulene False Eye Lashes 04 2

I bet you can trust on Japanese false lashes, they are quite good.  I picked up these lashes from Hyakuland, located in Berjaya Times Square. Hyakuland is similar to Daiso where they have loads of household items for only MYR 5 for each item.

Joulene False Eye Lashes 04 Label

I can’t read Japanese, I know the brand is Loujene and it’s type 04. If anyone of you could read Japanese, please let me know what’s printed on the label?

Joulene False Eye Lashes 04 Award

I believe their false lashes won some award in 2011 from the sticker stuck on their packaging. Some cosme beauty I believe?

Joulene False Eye Lashes 04 Close Up

Here’s a close up of the lashes, I’m not quite sure if they are synthetic or natural, I feel like they are synthetic but it looks very natural to me. What I like about it also that the lash band aren’t stiff, they are thin and soft. They feel comfortable over my lash line.

A while ago, I have used also these false lashes in my tutorial to share my guide in applying false lashes and I love how they turned out on me.

Back To The Basics - Applying False Lashes

These lashes look very natural on me as the length is not too long and they are more on the volume side.

Back To The Basics - Applying False Lashes - Traclyn Yeoh

This is how it turns out on me and it does look really natural. I get a lot of compliments when I wear this lashes.


I love these lashes! Not only they look natural on me but they feel light and comfortable. Plus point that it is very affordable, totally inexpensive but they are quite limited as I only found them at Hyakuland so far.  Not sure if they were sold other places but I’m pretty sure Daiso doesn’t carry this. Do share with me if you ever found them in other places. I believe in Japan you’ll be able to find these lashes, you’ll just have to look for similar stores like this.

Price: MYR 5.00 per pair

Availability: Hyakuland, Berjaya Times Square


  • Light weight
  • Natural volumizing lashes
  • Very affordable


  • Limited availability

My Rating: 4.9/5


Traclyn Yeoh
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