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Ear cuffs are very much in the trend right now. It’s difficult to find one who sells locally until I found Luccacal! I came across on ear cuffs several months before when Lover showed me a photo online. These ear cuffs are so special, raw and edgy. I couldn’t hold much more but to select a few from Luccacal and other accessories.

Cone Spike and Drop Ear Cuff

I once thought gold is for elderly but no longer now. Gold is the color for everyone and you could easily match it with anything. This ear cuff is elegant and with the spikes on the ear cuff, it gives a very edgy feel. The hanging cone spike gives a feminine and masculine style.

Brand: Asos for MYR17.00

Hanging Spikes Ear Cuff

This is by the far the most comfortable ear cuff in between all because of its curves at one end and rounded on the other end. This is in the black silver color very elegant yet edgy with the six hanging spikes.

Price: MYR12.00

Winged Ear Cuff

This have a Greek or fairy tale vibe for its wing designated up high rise. I picked silver (there is gold) because its casual but still stands out very well. Its great to keep hair away from my face too!

Brand: Asos for MYR18.00

Triangle Drop Earrings

 I have not much of triangle shaped earrings, I only have a pair and this is pretty. Its edgy yet luxurious for its gold color. It can be worn for almost every occasion for the simplicity of the design.

 Price: MYR17.00

Cut Out Pyramid Stud Bracelet

Lately I have been looking for something chunky as an arm candy, just so to make my hand look much bigger and less empty. This is a strecthy bracelet with the pyramid studs that are edgy but the petal-like designs around it is very feminine. Its whitish gold, chic and elegant.

Brand: Forever21 for MYR21.00

Gold Stud Collar Brooch With Chain

I would put this as a replacement of necklace. The gold studs are in brooch form with two chains connected to each other. This piece is chic, edgy and masculine.

Brand: Asos for MYR19.00

If you purchase more than MYR100.00, you’ll get free shipping and if lesser, there are a few available delivery rates  here. I’m really happy with my puchase with Luccacal and do check out other of their accessories here because they carry a variety of special fashion accessories. If you wish to be notified with the latest from them, don’t forget to like their Facebook below!


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