Maybelline Hyper Cosmos Marbleized Eye Shadow Collection & Swatches

It was about 9:30am yesterday morning, I sat at the cafe sipping my tea and my front view was Guardian across the street. A couple of minutes later Guardian was lighted and I thought of giving a check if they have any new products on shelves. I have passed by Maybelline and spotted their new eye shadows, Maybelline Hyper Cosmos Marbleized Eye Shadows which I saw it in Watson catalogue late last month. I think I wasn’t allowed to take photos in there but risk it and I took a few quick shots just so I could share it you!

The duo eye shadows are made of uncrushed pearls with pure pigments which went thru a novel baking process to create that silky powdery finish. Each of the duo eye shadows are two complimentary shadows, one is marbleized with prismatic pearls and another solid shade. This collection comes in seven different shades.

How I wish each of these shadows are named than being coded. I still think that having names is much more interesting. All of the eye shadows is with shimmer finish and here’s how I would describe solid and marbleized shade.


  • Solid: Yellow gold
  • Marbleized: Medium navy blue


  • Solid: Peach
  • Marbleized: Pale pink


  • Solid: Pale gold
  • Marbleized: More of dark green mixed with mint


  • Solid: Sky blue
  • Marbleized: Cream with light touch of brown (similar to UD Naked 2, Verve)


  • Solid: Dark brown with red undertone
  • Marbleized: Light ash brown (similar to UD Naked 2, Suspect)


  • Solid: Copper brown
  • Marbleized: Light copper brown with gold pigments (similar to UD Naked 2, Chopper)


  • Solid: Baby pink
  • Marbleized: Medium ash brown with red undertone

Most of the solid shades are less shimmery than the marbleized and somehow some of the brown tones look really similar to some of the eye shadows from Urban Decay Naked 2. They are quite pigmented, glides quite smoothly during the swatch and quite a variety of colour selection. Watsons is selling these eye shadows for MYR28.80 and Guardian at MYR28.90.


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. I saw these in Watsons and Guardian this week! So tempted to get one but I seldom wear eyeshadow these days. >__< They are really quite pigmented, and the colours are really nice.
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  2. Thanks for the swatches 🙂 I just checked them out at Guardian today and was tempted too. I quite like CH-1 and WN-1 but the other colours are lovely too haha.

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