Mediteca’s Porkalicious Launch Party, Introducing A Pork Friendly Mediterranean Menu

Mediteca has incorporated pork to their menu beginning on June 1st, 2013. Just last week, they have launched a pork party in introducing this menu. In their new menu, there will be selection of tapas, starters and main using pork and every month there will be a themed set as promotional menu of special dishes inspired by traditional recipes from Southern Europe such as  France, Italy, Spain, Greece , Morocco, Malta, Lebanon and more. Also, weekly set menu are also themed by countries for that fresh, quick, affordable and quality Mediterranean style meal.

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli - Riccardo Ferrarotti

This new menu was designed by Mediteca’s Chef Owner, Riccardo Ferracotti who has more than 10 years in experience in culinary management. Riccardo came from Biella, a small mountain village in the northern Italy and travelled around to the US, UAE, China and Malaysia to look out for further experience for his passion in Italian culinary world. On top of that he has also opened a number of restaurants in Florida, Dubai and Shanghai. He came to Malaysia in 2008 and lately beganhis new company importing niche product into Malaysia, Bottega Mediterranean. He was there for the party serving guests with his fine cold cuts.

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli - Selection of Cold Cuts & Cheeses

The fine cuts that was served during the party was delicious! There was prosciutto (dry cured pork leg slices), pancetta (dry cured pork belly slices), salami (dry cured sausage), and I think there was also lonzino (dry cured pork loin). There were a few toppings to go with which is sautéed mushrooms, olives, pickled strawberry, pickled carrots, bread sticks, caramelized onions and cheese to compliment the saltiness of the dry cured pork meat. The aroma and the fineness of the cuts is just almost perfect. There was also different types of cheese served upon request. At the same time, there was free flow of appetizers towards dessert, more pork!

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli  - Hummus On Toast

Hummus On Toast

The hummus wasn’t too creamy and the toast was soft on the inside and crunchy outside. Great start as an appetizer.

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli - Piselli & Bacon Soup

Piselli & Bacon Soup

This is one of my favourite as the saltiness of the bacon binds well with the creamy soup. What’s best is that the soup was served warm and piselli is basically peas but it doesn’t taste too green as a soup.

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli - Veal Tongue with Pickled Onion

Veal Tongue with Pickled Onion

This has an interesting texture and I couldn’t put myself to try this, definitely not for faint hearted ones. My BF mentioned that the texture of the tongue is quite unique and the herb that came along with it complimented the grimy taste of this morsel quite well.

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli - Tomato & Chorizo Skewer

Tomato & Chorizo Skewer

On a short skewer, there was half of a cherry tomato and a slice of Chorizo. The cherry tomato is lightly sautéed I believe and the Chorizo was soft on the inside and chewy and crunchy on the outside at the same time. The meat was very moist and juicy.

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli - Suckling Pig

Suckling Pig

Served in soup spoons, there’s the small pieces of suckling pig. Some were quite thick on the fat and some aren’t but its all good for me. The skin is crunchy and the sauce gives a slight sweet flavour to it. The fatty part just melts in the mouth.

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli - Pig Jaw on Shooter

Pig Jaw on Shooter

I find the name of this is really interesting and its basically stewed pork with intense flavor that I can taste every bits of the meat with the flavour. It has that slight woody flavour and the meat was soft but not overly soft. Like this!

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli - Seafood Paella

Seafood Paella

Paella is basically Valencian rice and I thought that it was a little too soft and flavour is slightly bland. I can’t really see much seafood with it although it was served quite handful in the soup spoons.

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli - Oxtail Ravioli

Oxtail Ravioli

The texture taste like a pork ball and this really reminds me of dumplings. It is soft just like a dumpling and it gets meaty inside. It was served warm and the sauce does smelt like barbecue sauce. I like this too!

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli - Chicken Wing on Lard

Chicken Wing on Lard

The part of the chicken wing was used is drummet and lard is bacon. Usually drummet doesn’t have much flavour to it but to cook with the bacon wrapped around it, simply makes everything so tasteful and delicious. I think as long as you like bacon, you’ll love this too.

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli  - Strawberry Splashy

Strawberry Splashy

Served with croutons and mashed strawberry, this mouth-watering dessert is lightly sweeten and gives that light crunch with the croutons. The summery savoury mint leaves just makes this dessert light and refreshing.

Mediteca Wine Tapas Deli - Churros


One of my favourite desserts ever since I had it in Melbourne and this churros shaped a bit more thicker, almost like a garlic bread sticks. It was covered with fine sugar, cinnamon and chocolate syrup. Because of its thickness, the cinnamon and chocolate syrup  wasn’t sufficient to bring out the utmost of the churros flavour. It would be great if the actual dish comes with a small jar filled with chocolate syrup.

I really enjoyed having to try the fine cuts and I think I might return for more. If you’re interested to be updated with Mediteca’s latest update, just give them a like below on their Facebook or you can check out more about them in their website, here.

Mediteca opens on Monday till Saturday from 11:30am till late night and they are located at

Lot 163 Fraser Place
Jalan Perak,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 03 – 21812426

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