Miko Hair Show for Breast Cancer Awareness

In supporting of Breast Cancer Awareness last month, Miko Galleré has come together for hair show in collaboration with PJCAD. It was held in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Astonishing hair do and fashion, attires are from PJ CAD made out of recycled items. Look at the vibrant colors and creativity! It’s not ordinary designer clothing you may see but it’s some shapes and attire you might not came across.

I can’t help to notice that there are a few medusa-like hair do and most hairs are all done up and big. The designs are edgy and bulky yet stylish.

The show then ends with Mr Miko Au with two awesome-sauce creation. I think these two models stands out the moment throughout the show.

Last but not least the models are presented along with their hairstylist and designer.

I got to give credits for this waiter as he served very well. Refreshments are served from the beginning till the end. Love those mini tarts! I also bought a pink ribbon brooch and wore it throughout October.


Did you support Pink October? How did you show your support? 


Traclyn Yeoh
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