Vanity Pack Specials

Talking about Vanity Box, what comes into your mind? I found this lovely vanity pack last month but just bought it recently. Isn’t it pretty? I really love the concept and color combination. Can you guess what’s inside?

It’s our ladies’ best friend, sanitary pads! It’s from Kotex as a limited edition vanity pack. It has 16 pieces of 32cm overnight extra long wings pads for RM10.48 only.You may purchase it at Guardian outlets, not much left so if you want it, go get it now! I don’t usually use this brand but since I’m out with the one I usually use, I thought of giving this a try. I have never change to any other brands ever since using Whisper because other sanitary pads gives me irritations.

Isn’t this vanity pack amazing?  Miu brought this earlier in her post of Pink Polka Dots and plans to keep something else in the vanity box, I wonder what is she going to keep inside. I have not figured what to put in yet, any ideas?

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Pretty!

    It would be good to keep your costume jewelry in. It’s such a fun, pretty box! Or some make up. I started buying more than I usually do so I need a new place to put them. My current bag is raggity & too small. LOL


  2. haha talking bout sanitary pads.
    im using laurier.
    converted from kotex actually.
    i find this vantiy box a good thing.
    i can imagine a more tidy wardrobe
    and when i invite some guys over and girls of course.
    it wouldnt be weird when they check out my clothes
    cause my pads would be in such a cute box!

    but i really hate kotex sooo.
    hope laurier comes out with this too!

  3. Traclyn, the vanity box is sooo cute & adorable. But, I dont like the pads. hehe.

    U can use it to store ur makeup. ^_^ hehe

  4. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Thanks for the idea, Mina but I already have one storage box for my jeweleries. I’m still looking for an ideal way to store my make-ups and recently just hunting it because my collection is piling up.

    @LyNn – I never like Kotex and Laurier, both gives me irritation when I started to use. But this time, I didn’t get it but I still prefer to use Whisper. I do hope Whisper come out with something too!

    @skylarkz – Haha, I don’t like the pads either. I was on the emergency running out of pads so I remembered this and pick this right a way! I wish I can store my make-ups but it’s a little deep, so the hassle off digging into the box when searching for my make-up is there and sometimes make-ups gets damage in it, I may not even notice it!

  5. i was thinking once i use finish all the pads, i can put my beauty stuffs inside or my crafts. 

    these days doing blog stuffs i no time do crafts! i love paper crafts
    love scrapbookin… keepsakes.. oh but they’re so so expensive in malaysia!

  6. @milamiu – What beauty stuff ya? I bet it’s Stila’s stuff!  I love craft too! Yeah craft items are a little expensive here. If like those beads and similar craft items like it, I suggest to go Petaling Street to get them. They are in wholesaler price.

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