Playful, Fun & Exciting!

I’m really inspired to reveal the happy joy feeling out of me. I mean everyone deserves to be happy no matter how hard their day is. Cheer up people! Everyday is a challenge, take everyday as a joyful ride.

Items Used:

  1. Lancome UV Expert Neuroshield Make Up Base
  2. Everbilena Duo Concealer
  3. Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral Powder Foundation
  4. Elianto Ultra Smooth in 01 Soft Pink


  1. Daiso’s Auto Eye Brow Pencil in Brown
  2. L.A. Colors 6 Color Metallic Eyeshadow in BES451 Dreamy
  3. Daiso’s Pearl In Eye Shadow in Cool Blue
  4. Earthen Glow Mineral Eyeliner Powder in True Black
  5. NENCAI Magic Curl Mascara
  6. Daiso’s Magical Mascara Volume


  1. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in 070 Airy Fairy

Hope this could kick some Monday blues. Enjoy!!!

Traclyn Yeoh
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A Malaysian beauty blogger expressing her views on beauty and life's other superficial aspects. Not to mention, beauty tutorials to appease the die-hard beauty junkies.


  1. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! I love how you cut loose at the end & start dancing. This had me smiling. I’ve been so depressed since MJ died & my voice is still not coming back. I dont want a repeat of last year =(. Anyway, I like this tutorial, it’s cute. It’ll definitely brighten up any Monday! ^^

    BTW, what’s the name of that song?! It’s so cute, I want to try & find it on Itunes. Maybe I’ll get lucky. Sometimes they dont have what you want, only mainstream stuff. It’s hard to find Asian artists on there & some Indie tracks. I need to complain again. XD


  2. hi dear. i’ve found that India’s pricing is pretty much the same. cheaper by the RM0.90 thing we see on our stuff home. ya know, RM99.90, RM129.90, etc.

    stuff here like Esprit t-shirts are Rs.1290, which translate to about RM129 +/- depending on currency. which means, their stuff is similarly priced! i asked the Bourjois girl about an eyeliner, it’s about Rs.400. About RM40 +/-. should be about the range you can expect from a drugstore. 😀

  3. Whoa, this is a great look, girl. i love how you blend the two colours and created soft purple in the middle.Very seductive too !

  4. Fun watching you doing makeup, esp this joyful ride :))
    Oh I want to ask you for quite sometimes but always forget, where did you buy aloe vera gel and how much is it?
    My friend from KL will come HK later…thinking of asking her to buy for me :p

  5. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Hahaha, thanks Mina! I know how stress people going through in their daily lifes.  I really hope this helps the ladies. Regarding the song, it’s sang by SNSD and the song title is ‘Gee’. It’s very addictive and whenever I felt down I just turn on that song.

    @yahui – Okays, it is still expensive. Thanks for the info!

    @LyNn – Yeah, tried it and learned how to use it nicely. I love it. Thanks so much for it.

    @jeanjean – Oh, I didn’t notice about it. You’re very detailed!

    @VONNIE – Haha, thanks dear. I bought my aloe vera gel from Watsons. It’s for RM6.90 (or something like that) for 56grams. They have larger tubes now. Oh, in case of what brand, it’s Fruit of The Earth.

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