St. Kilda

Racheal, Joel’s lovely girlfriend is here for a vacation. It was on the 19th August, where we have decided to go to St. Kilda. I really have no idea what do they have there but going there was a great experience.

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Luna Park Main Entrance

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Rides for Adults and Kids!

We took a tram to St. Kilda. When we reached, it doesn’t seem to have anything special until we saw Luna Park. Before that, there is a free Nescafe coffee promotion. Each of us grabbed different coffees and tasted one another’s! We took a small tour around Luna Park and found many different rides and games.

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Next, we head to the beach. It was beautiful even words can’t describe it. You might want to come here yourself and take a look at it. We can see people playing fetch with their dogs, walking their dogs, storks, couples holding hands and have their own memorable moments.

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As we walked, we reached a place called St. Kilda Breakwater Wildlife Area. We found some penguins hidden by the rock wall. They look afraid as many people were there to come and see them. We didn’t get to see any rakali in the water. By the way, rakali is a native water rat. I’ve never want to miss out the chance to see the penguin, so I climbed the rock wall with my boots! I was so scared that I would spoil my boots when I have just paid $15 for repair. Luckily, my boots are in good shape when I came down from the rock wall.

It was a lovely trip. At night, we still manage to go to the city for Hungry Jacks. After that, just a simple walk around town then we went back home.

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