MORE December Hauls

I thought I should post this although I have been updating my haul throughout the month of December. This is the miscellaneous beauty stuff I have purchased here and there in different outlets or just an item or two. You can check my Bonita-Elianto-Tiamo Hauls and Nail Fiesta Hauls.

1. Lolane Shiny Hair Coat, from Bloop for MYR10.00 (30ml)

I was walking around in Fahrenheit 88 when my mum was getting her hair done there. I spotted Bloop as they seem to have little sale going in there. As dodgy as it is, finding this in Bloop’s store when this is not their brand at all. I was out of hair serum and I thought this might be a good grab. The description at the back of the bottle is all Thai, I couldn’t read it but the sales assistant helped me about when I should use this.

2. Skin Food Egg White Serum, from Skin Food (Fahrenheit88) for MYR42.90

I was looking for pore minimizing serum, yes I noticed my enlarged pores are getting clogged a lot. I actually targeted on Skin Food Peach Pore Sake Serum, however after consulting in Skin Food Malaysia Facebook , I decided to get this because this not only help to minimize pores but also helps to diminish blackheads and white heads and this is the first time for me to find serums that comes in two separate tube.

3. The Face Shop Spot Corrector, from The Face Shop for MYR25.90

Initially, I was looking for Night Spot Eraser but the sales assistant told me that they have changed the packaging and now it is also suitable for day use. I tried asking from The Face Shop Facebook and they did not reply me. I thought to give this a try given that it is cheaper than I thought. The price for Night Spot Eraser is around MYR 40+, that makes a lot of difference with the current one.

4. Rimmel London 60 Seconds in Rapid Ruby, from Watsons for MYR10.71

If you remember I actually reviewed this nail polish, click here and I wanted to wear dark red nails for Christmas. I love this shade as it is exactly how I wanted it to be and the fast drying formula is just amazing. Imagine I painted my nails when I was in my office and it was flawless. I highly recommend getting this.

5. Revlon Color Stay Foundation in Warm Golden, from Watsons for MYR 46.80

When I saw this discounted only for three days in the newspapers, I told myself I HAVE TO GET THIS. This is the best price ever. The cheapest we could get this is for MYR 48.80 during promotions. It happened just last week from 28th till 3oth. After the promotion, it was back to normal price approximately MYR 58.80?

6. L’oreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer, from Watsons for MYR 45.90

This face primer has just arrived last month, it’s been out quite a few months back in US. It’s pretty pricey for such a small jar but after I have tested it, I love how it leaves a matte finish to it. I don’t know how would it be for my face, of course I do hope for the best out of it.

7. Elite Model Cosmetics Wonder Liner in Wonder Nude, from Watsons for MYR 20.91

I have never found any nude eye liner in my drugstores yet and I finally found one. On the display, it didn’t come with any tester but I get it anyways. I can’t get any other nude eyeliner around me. Please let me know if there is any if you’re from Malaysia. I know Stila have it but we don’t have Stila anymore.

8. Elianto Ardour Shadow in Ballet Pink, from Elianto for MYR 8.00

I was looking for light red shade and this more of red rather than pink. This is going to be great as blusher as well and I will be using this for my next makeup tutorial. It may look a little harsh but I know it’s going to work. I was surprised that it is now made in Italy considering the bargain price and it was made in Korea on their previous eye shadows.


What was your grab last month?


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Nice haul you got there! And best part is, they’re all available locally.

    I’m very curious how the L’Oreal primer would perform as I’ve been reading the reviews online for a while. And nude eyeliner? Wow, I never knew such thing exist!

    Hope to hear reviews on them soon 🙂

    • Thank you, I was thrilled to share this. I have not use the primer yet because I have another makeup base to try on at the moment. Hopefully is a good one. Nude eyeliner is great for brightening eyes!

    • Thanks for the information Anis! However, Stila wasn’t around at the date of this post. 🙂

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