My First Studio Ring Light Towards Better Photos & Videos

Studio ring light is part of the photography equipment that I have longed for. I have searched high and low locally online and physical store for few years but in vain till recently. I know they do sell it in Singapore but I hardly travel there now and this type of light needs to be handled carefully. Also the reluctant me to purchase from overseas due to the warranty and claims which could be quite a hassle and pricey. Studio ring light is different from the macro ring lights as they are far bigger, as the name goes macro does mean smaller.

Fame Cherry Studio Ring Light

After much consideration, I have finally put myself to purchase this studio ring light from Fame Cherry. The ring light is called Isis priced at MYR399, along with the purchase I have also ordered the 190cm tripod priced at MYR50. All these are ready stock. If you don’t have the matching tripod, I believe you will need their tripod. Let’s rummage into all the goodies!

Fame Cherry Studio Ring Light - Tripod

Let’s get into the tripod first where they have used Skynet courier service to send it. The handling is still good whereby there wasn’t any damage on the box and it is well sealed with masking tape on both ends. I was charged for MYR10  of shipping fee on this tripod as it wasn’t on promotion for free shipping.

Fame Cherry Studio Ring Light - Tripod 2

This is how the tripod looks like, it has spring inside whereby I have noticed it once I loosen to extend the tripod. The rod was jumpy once I loosen the tightener. Quite a good quality, its made of metal with quite a heavy body and the tighteners is made of plastic.

Fame Cherry Studio Ring Light 1

Here comes the Isis Studio Ring Light which was sent using Ta-q-bin courier, one of the top courier service available. The Isis Studio Ring Light comes with the ring light housing, bulb, 2 fuses, 4 screws and a mount. It was packed in the bubble wrap to ensure that nothing breaks.

Fame Cherry Studio Ring Light 3

Tadaa…! Unwrapping the light makes me so excited since I have been wanting this for years and it’s finally in mine! The size is pretty big, the inner diameter is 37.3cm and outer would be 48.7cm. It weights on 1.282kg.

Fame Cherry Studio Ring Light 2

Along the light, there is paper tabs that needs to be removed before using and one of the tab has a reminder printed in Chinese. The paper tab is meant to prevent the light bulb from knocking onto the housing and the reason I could think of to remove it is because of the heat from the light that could possibly burn them. The bulb last for 8000 hours, if I were to use it everyday for 3 to 4 hours, it could last me 4 to 5 years. Bulb replacements can be found in Fame Cherry too. However, there is some blotches going on the silver coating.

Fame Cherry Studio Ring Light 4

Setting up the light wasn’t difficult at all, what I need to do is to attached the mount at the base of the housing by securing them with the screws tightly.  If you look on the left, that would be the placement for the fuse. Once  I have done with the mount, I just need to place everything carefully over the tripod. Speaking about the mount, it is bendable but very sturdy and stiff. There is a need to use some strength to bend it which answers you if you are wondering that the mount could be too flexible.

Fame Cherry Studio Ring Light 5

There is two plugs attached together. The initial plus is a two flat-pin plug and it is attached to the two round-pin plug which suits the standard plug size for Malaysia. I was advised by Fame Cherry that I should use another plug extension to protect the light as they do have their fuse as well. Better to burn the extension’s fuse than the ring light’s fuse.

Fame Cherry Studio Ring Light 6

Once the setting up is done, this is how it should look like. The light is really bright and it stands quite tall, approximately 160cm without extending the tripod. You can also see how sturdy the mount holds in between the tripod and the light.

Fame Cherry Studio Ring Light 7

The back of the base housing is where the switch is. Also attached on it, is the information of the light which uses 65 watts,  220 voltage and color temperature of 5400k.  I’m not very familiar on the technical part of this but I have once read that the color temperature is suitable for central latitudes/equator/Greenwich line which Malaysia is quite close with.

Fame Cherry Studio Ring Light - 0.5m distance

Using the ring light, I have tested it with my Samsung EX1 camera on P mode (Programmed Auto), 0 exposure, vivid and the rest of the setting is on auto.  The comparison that I’m doing here is the distance of the light from me and the camera stays on it’s position. Above, the light is placed approximately 0.5 meter from me. The image produced is brighter face and dark background. My background is actually pink and I could feel the heat of the light.

Fame Cherry Studio Ring Light - 1.0m distance

On approximately 1 meter distance, the background looks slightly brighter and I would say the color of my skin is the true color. The heat is not as strong as 0.5 meter distance but I could still feel it. I still get enough light on my face. Just on the fancy excuse, the shape of the ring light reflects on the eyes with makes it quite pretty.

Fame Cherry Studio Ring Light - 1.5m distance

With approximately 1.5 meter, the background is truly brighter but since I did not adjust the camera position, it blocks the light casting shadow on the lower portion of the photo and my face do look darker with it. I think the best distance for me at the moment could be 0.5 to 1.0 meter, I will still have to play with it a little more.

The reason why I picked studio ring light is because it saves space than the other  photography lighting and most of the time, I would take close photos and videos concentrating on my upper portion. Because it is round, the lighting is much more even plus I can’t rely on sunlight all the time because the lighting is inconsistent especially when it comes to filming. I could use this light day and night, anytime with better photos and videos. I could also use it for my product photography which gives a better spread of light over it.

If you have extra questions, you could always send your inquiry to Fame Cherry. They are quite responsive and very friendly. Do note that I purchased the entire set with my own money, it is something I would like to upgrade myself on my photography equipment. If you would like to support Fame Cherry, just give them a like on their Facebook below.


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