My SK-II Sampling Experience with Magic Ring

This skin care brand is no strange to many of us for its power pitera from it’s Facial Treatment Essence. SK-II recently been offering sample redemptions throughout Malaysia in their Facebook. I have great stories of how great the essence but personally I have not try it. It’s quite pricey and I wasn’t sure if its worth paying for it. I took the chance to claim for the redemption.

They also have been mass advertising the discovery and miracle of Pitera especially in Youtube.

My SK-II Sampling Experience App

Back to the sampling redemption which is valid till end of this month. Just hover over SK-II Malaysia Facebook and you’ll be able to see the sampling app for redemption. What made me wanted to redeem the sampling not just because of the Facial Treatment Essence but also the Magic Ring.

My SK-II Sampling Experience - Magic Ring

If you wondering what is Magic Ring, here it is. This device totally reminds me of Iron Man but its actually a skin analyser that helps to diagnose your skin deep within. I went for the redemption alone, I couldn’t get a photo on how it is used. Basically, they lift the top rounded part of the Magic Ring and the inside is the screening. They place it close to half of my face and snaps just like a photo.

My SK-II Sampling Experience - 5 Dimensions

Image Courtesy of SK-II

The Magic Magic Ring analyses in 5 dimensions of our skin in terms of our skin texture refinement, firmness power, wrinkle resilience, spot control and radiance enhancement which are the elements to crystal clear skin.

My SK-II Sampling Experience - Magic Ring Analysis

This is my result and according to the analysis, my skin is not doing so well in terms of almost all of the dimensions except for spot control. On the overall analysis result is 28 years old. It has added an additional year which is something I’m not so happy about. The SK-II beauty advisor mentioned that my skin is lack of hydration and I need to work on it by doing mask more often.

My SK-II Sampling Experience - Trial Kit

The session end with the beauty advisor providing me the sample of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 10ml and SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for Men 10ml. The difference between these two essence is that for Men, it is formulated with mint which can be really drying for female’s skin.

I thought this is a great experience to further understand my skin and being beautiful is always a part of us women. This analysis also alerted me that I shall not neglect my skin although I’m acne-free for now. Give SK-II some support by liking their Facebook below and remember to redeem your sample too.

Remember to share me your experience of the sampling after you go for one!

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  1. sorry but I am just curious, (because I never do any skin test before) >_<

    • No worries! They could still accommodate if you have skincare on and if you see closely, I did have my makeup on too and they just have to make adjustment to their analyzer.

  2. so we have to go with bare face is it? have to without skincare and sunscreen also? ><

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