NEW! Sigma Beauty Expert Brow Kit

‘The Beauty Expert Brow kit are designed to provide everything one may need to perfectly master a specific technique or makeup task. Each kit in the line will contain all of the essential products anyone would ever need to effortlessly complete a specific part of their makeup routine. Put simply, the Beauty Expert kits are comprised of all your go-to items for achieving a beautifully flawless face!’ – Sigma Beauty Blog

Image Courtesy of Sigma Beauty

The first kit from the Beauty Expert Kit will be brow kit, a complete set with mirror, tweezer, scissors, brow template, dual ended highlight (matte & shimmer), dual ended brow pencil (medium & dark), eye brow powder, brow gel (clear & tinted)  and dual ended brush (E75 & E80).

This is such an exciting kit and filling your brows definitely balance your feature and makes you look awaken. I could not go out without filling my brows (except when I’m superbly lazy). The launch of this kit will be next week for USD69.00.

Collection Status: Permanent

Availability: Sigma Beauty from 23rd July 2012


Shop now and get a FREE GIFT when purchase USD30 or more!


Traclyn Yeoh
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