NOPS Pore Tightening Lotion Review

NOPS (Natural Organic PlantS) delivers the most advanced biotechnology which recovers and maintain skin youthfulness and vitality. It uses organic ingredients for healthy beautiful skin in many different of their products to accommodate different skin types. They venture with world leading biotechnology companies from France, Switzerland and Japan.  It’s an original organic brand from Korea.

I was so excited when I was asked to review some of their products and I’m really thankful for such opportunity. There are two products to be reviewed and here is the first. The other one will be on the next post.

NOPS Pore Tightening Lotion helps to sebum production and with PX-T complex, its the power ingredient that helps to tighten pores.

It contains so many natural ingredients such as with hazel leaf extract, papaya extract. kaolin, orange extract, lemon extract, green tea extract, white willow bark extract and etc. There’s too many!

It came in a pump nozzle and look at how does the cap looks like. Its shaped just like how the nozzle look like. Too cute and it doesn’t make the product looking any bulkier.

The texture is like an emulsion, light and it turns watery in seconds. I apply it day and night after my toner, using it just like a serum. I used about 1½ to 2 pumps each time and its good enough to spread on my entire face and I’m amazed that my skin absorbs it so fast leaving my skin soft and matte, at the same time it doesn’t feel dry too. Wonderful!

I have been using the product religiously for two weeks and this are the results. My skin look more plumped and less redness too. Although it contains many ingredients that be able to control acne, I still get breakouts (acne marks on my right cheek). During the application of this product, it doesn’t feel oily at all and it does helps to control sebum production. Usually my skin will oil up a lot in just 1-2 hours but this holds it up 4-5 hours. It definitely cut the hassle of blotting and worrying my face shining like a disco ball.

I notice some of my dilated pores look much less visible now and look at those acne scars! Its lesser too and see how mu skin look more plumped? By all means the plumped that I meant here is looking healthy plumped not getting fatter plumped! It contains copper tri-peptide 1 that helps to maintain skin elasticity and that’s probably explains why my skin looks glowingly plumped here.

I would recommend this to those who wants their pores to be minimized, combination and oily skin types. It feels gentle on my skin, no irritation or stinging! It comes in an amber glass bottle of 80ml for RM90, which I think it’s still affordable for such a huge and heavy buddy there. One thing I love that it comes from amber glass bottle, that way the product don’t get light exposure as much as transparent ones. Some ingredients could be sensitive to lights and exposing it to one might defeat the purpose of the ingredient.

They are available in LG-1.82 Blue Atrium Sunway Pyramid, Selangor and they are also available for online purchases! Check them out at NOPS ( Natural Organic PlantS ) Malaysia Facebook, they carry many other brands too. I’m not too sure if they are available for international shipping yet. You might want to inquire over their page.


  • Organic, contains heaps of natural ingredients
  • Light weight, non-oily texture
  • Leaving skin supple, plumped, moisturize and matte
  • Reduces pore size
  • Controls sebum production
  • No irritation, no stinging
  • Affordable
  • Comes with amber glass bottle


  • Still get breakouts

My rating: 4.8/5

Traclyn Yeoh
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