November Hauls!

1. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, from Nail Fiesta for MYR 55.90 (Set B)

The highly raved eye pencil are in my hands ( I know it’s a little late) but finally! Here I have in Milk, Pure Gold, Lavender, Yogurt and Horse Radish. One is for MYR15 from Nail Fiesta, I wanted to have more therefore selecting their sets give better value. Although Nail Fiesta is available locally, it took some time for them to ship over. They made a few empty promises on when the items should arrive.  I’m not sure if I would recommend them but they do have great deals on nail polishes.

2.NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, from Nail Fiesta for MYR25 each

I have not tried anything matte for lips and I thought this would be a good go. Here I have Istanbul and Addis Ababa. Bright lip colors are one of the trend now and I reckon Addis Ababa is a good choice.

3. Black Makeup Train Case, from VS. Polo for MYR150.00

I’m landing myself as a freelance makeup artist, having a train case would come in handy for carrying my makeup around to meet my client(s). After much search (for almost a week), I  finally found the ‘ONE’ that I was looking for and it matches perfectly. Nothing too fancy but simple and classy. It has two tier of four compartments where you could extend it outwards. If you’re in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor, I recommend getting from this wholesale store. The initial price was MYR160.00, bargained it and got a better price for it. Here is the address: No.122 Jalan Petaling, 50000 Kuala Lumpur.

4. Tony Moly Nail Polish in TR04, from Tony Moly for MYR 8.72

Tony Moly has opened in Kuala Lumpur not too long ago and I spotted their grey nail polish. I tested, couldn’t hesitate and grab it fast. Initially it was MYR10.90 but they were having discount to celebrate the newly opened store in Sungai Wang. It’s funny ever since I bought it I have not used it yet and its not easy to find creamy grey nail polish around. The seal is still attached.

5. Eye Brow Pencil, from Daiso for MYR5.00

This has been my staple brow pencil ever since… 2009. Wait, it has been two years now! It’s super cheap and works amazingly for me and my clients.

6. Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner, from Guardian for MYR 23.90

This has been my favorite ever since it came out and believe it or not, this is my second pen. It’s pretty sharp and easy to use. The tip is soft and precise, great for me and my clients.

7. Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker in Clear and Plum Juice, from Sephora Singapore for SGD30.00 for two

End of last month, I traveled down south to Johor for a friend’s wedding and dropped by Singapore for break too. I visited Sephora for a few treasure and one of it was this. I believe they are still not available in Sephora Malaysia and I really wanted to find some good lip plumper. They were SGD19.90 each and I think it’s worth the value for SGD30 for two.

8. Love & Beauty False Nails, from Forever 21 Singapore for SGD3.00

I love how other Forever 21 has more of Love and Beauty products. I manage to grab this falsies and I couldn’t grab more because I was having tummy upset when I visited them!

9. Pop Beauty Pretty Punk Palette, from Sephora Singapore for SGD15.00

This palette comes in 16 eye shadows and they are really pigmented especially the darker ones but they are shimmery and with glitters. Only one gray matte eye shadow. It was a short visit and this was a quick grab without regret.

10. Soaring Owl Double Ring, from Thong Hoe for MYR10 for 2 pieces

With the visiting down south program , my friends and I made a half day trip to Malacca. We stopped by this shop in Jonker Street and I found this lovelies! They don’t come with names, so I named them myself. This owl ring caught my attention than the other owl rings. It has really beautiful details on it.

11. Black Cocktail Ring, from Thong Hoe for MYR10 for 2 pieces

I bought this together with the soaring owl double thing. It’s adjustable, prefect for my skinny fingers. It has beautiful details that shows some vintage elements to it.

12. Floral Wrislet, from Sungai Wang for MYR13.00

Recently, I’m very into the floral and lace. I bought this with my colleague. This comes in handy when I head out for lunch from working. It was from one of those stalls near Little Taiwan.

13. Superdrug Deep Action Cleansing Lotion, from Watsons for MYR14.90

14. Aiken Tea Tree Oil, from Guardian for MYR12.90

Two of these products are my holy grail to treat my acne-prone skin and I have finished the previous ones. I’m just stocking up for these. Both of these are recommended for acne-prone skin except for sensitive skin and they last me for two months.

15. Kingston 32GB Class 10, from Sri Computers (Low Yat Plaza) for MYR157.00

On the geek-ier side of me, I wanted to film longer videos and I grab this for my camera. Higher speed, greater capacity and yeah, greater in terms for the price too. You can’t see the memory card because I’m using as of I’m doing this shoot.

I think I would post hauls occasionally in a month rather than monthly hauls. Keeping it monthly seems quite accumulated and if you want to grab them it maybe too late. Maybe I should try posting monthly hits and misses? Monthly hits and misses is about the likes and dislikes products of the month and I believe this would help everyone to make wiser decisions in their purchases, yea?


Do let me know if you ever try the products above? What’s your awesome-sauce buys last month?


Traclyn Yeoh
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      • hi,may i know what is the name of the shop that u purchase the traincase?and the shop sells what?

        • Hi Nicole,

          Thank you for commenting. As for the name of the shop, I did mention in the post from where I have gotten it along with the address and the store sells train cases and fashion accessories.

  1. Wah 32GB @_@ Mine’s 8GB and I use only a fraction of it since I try to upload after every use (although there are lazy days lol). I don’t do videos though.. And that owl ring is just… lovely!!
    Isabel recently updated..False LoveMy Profile

    • Yeap, my camera could support up to 32GB and it is way more easier. No more fuss on worrying limited memory. I have a few memory cards with me, I’ll carry them around with me just to be safe. The soaring owl is crazy beautiful right?

  2. hey traclyn,
    you still remember me?lolz~we knew each other from the forum and went out once before to berjaya times square long long time ago~=) I bought the nyx soft matte lip cream before, you will be surprise how lovely they are=)

    • Of course I remember you! Don’t talk to me like a stranger! They are lovely but a little drying for my lips.

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