October Hauls!

1. Plastic Compartment Box, from Daiso for MYR 5.00

This box is multi-purpose where you can keep any small jewelries, nail decorations or anything small in size. I already have one but I kept nail decorations with that and for this one I’m keeping nail falsies as collection. It’s light and semi transparent where you can slide the cover to open half way through. It has 10 compartments where you can separate your things.

2. Nail Falsies, from Daiso for MYR 5.00 each box

Last month, I have been obsessed with nail falsies. I don’t know about the rest but I can’t keep long nails for hygienic purposes and my nails felt sharp when its long. I tend to injure myself a lot when I have long nails. Occasionally, I do really want to have long pretty nails, this is one of the trick I’m getting on. Daiso have the range that very simple yet elegant ones. Here I have two types which one has white lace pattern with pink and transparent background and other one has beige background with glitter and pearl decorations on it.

3. Nail Tips Seal, from Daiso for MYR 5.00

I’ve been trying to look out for other options than nail glue. I’ve tried nail glue few years back and it doesn’t adhere the nail falsies properly. It comes off pretty fast when I pushes the nail for a bit and it’s also nail damaging. This is like a double-sided tape but for nails. It looks like gel but it doesn’t stay in shape nicely. When I remove the other side of the sticker, the gel stretches together and it totally wrecked the shape of what it should look like. Definitely not recommending this.

4. Tape Beauty Nail, from Daiso for MYR 5.00

Since I’m obsessed with nail falsies and the nail tips seal (as mentioned above) didn’t worked properly, I found another similar product but this works better in keeping the nail falsies on my nails and they stay in shape very well unlike the nail tips seal. It’s thicker  (approximately 1mm) which can be a con because it kind of looked bulgy on my nails. The nail falsies just doesn’t look natural but if you just press onto it a little bit, it could blend in. I recommend this but I’m still looking for something better.

5. Wooden Comb, from Daiso for MYR 5.00

I’ve been reading some articles of the benefits on using wooden combs that they are good for oily scalp and lessen hair falls. The one I got here is in medium size and it’s funny that the packaging printed it with the name curry comb. At the moment, I love to comb my bangs with this because my bangs look somehow better than using brush.

6. Double Eyelid Aloe, from Daiso for MYR 5.00

You might think I’m crazy that I already have double eyelid and still get this. On my right eye, I get parallel double eyelid and on my left I get tapered double eyelid (I look just like this O.o). In order to balance both, I apply this on my left double eyelid so that both could look the same. This has been kind to my skin, no allergies or bad reaction to it. It dries off transparent but it gets flaky by its side after a few hours applied.

7. Thinning Shears Scissors, from Daiso for MYR 5.00

I have not visit to any hair salon since I’ve gotten this scissors. I have been cutting my own hair with combination of ordinary hair scissors and this one. It has been very useful plus, I cut my bangs every 2 weeks and rest of the hair once a month. I have not over-cut my hair yet and of course, I hope it will never happen. This helps to save a lot in terms of money, effort to make appointments and visiting hair salon.

8. Striped Cloth, from Daiso for MYR 5.00

I bought this striped cloth for DIY some part of the costume for Halloween, I was the Playboy Bunny and you can check out my full dressed up look, here. I cut a  few pieces of this cloth to make the collars and sleeves for the costume.

9. Pink Heart-shaped Brooches, from Chamelon for MYR 3.90

This is also for the Halloween costume. I don’t have any cuff-links and I use brooches to replace them. It worked so well. This pair of brooches comes in two size where one is bigger than the other. I don’t mind the size because time is so limited when I had to get prepared for this costume. This theme was selected by a friend whom we celebrated for his bachelor party.

10. Superdrug Deep Action Cleansing Lotion, from Watsons for MYR 7.45

This is one of the best toner I ever had! I totally recommend this for oily and/or acne skin type. It has helped to cleared my skin so much! My face never really gets it rest from acne but after using this, my acne gets lesser and I’m now pimple free for almost 2 weeks. It’s really affordable and this is a discounted price.

11. Jordana Pack, from Guardian for MYR11.90

I wanted to get a hold of Jordana makeup and this is my first. This pack comes with an eyelash curler (this was some random brand, not Jordana), mascara in black and All Over Color in Peach Shimmer. The All Over Color is for face, cheek and eyes but I only used it on my eyes and if you like neutral tones with shimmer, I would recommend this. It’s not highly pigmented but it’s good enough to show some shades.

12. Bow Headband, from Sungai Wang for MYR3.90

This is also for the Halloween, I turned this headband into a bow tie. I just cut the elastic in half, measure it according to the size of my neck and sew snap button at the ends. I love how its all shiny and glamorous.

13. Arm Fat Burner, from Nile.com.my for MYR 7.20

I noticed that my upper arms look bulgy in photos, its probably because I was really active in sports when I was in school but not so much of it now. The arm muscles just decided to loosen up and I’m wearing this to keep it in shape. It’s strecthy and wraps around my arm pretty firm. I try to wear this everyday when I wear any top with sleeves. I do notice my arm is getting less bulgy but because of it’s firmness, my arm tends to get itchy when I have this on and it doesn’t slip off easily.

14. 3D Nose Massager, from Nile.com.my for MYR 3.40

I wasn’t born with high and pointy nose, so I will try products like this. Call me crazy but if this doesn’t work for my nose, I can at least use it as massager for my face and any part of my body. Basically this product helps to  straighten up your nose making it look higher and pointier. Your nose has to go in between those pink rollers and just move it up and downwards. It’s actually pretty comfortable using this.

15. Atlanta Sandals, from Second Floor, Berjaya Times Square for MYR 10.00

My Lover was shopping for shoes and I saw this bargained sandals. They are comfortable and extremely lightweight because it almost felt like I’m not wearing anything on my feet.

16. Korean PU Fashion Bag, from Nile.com.my for MYR 22.50

This my current favorite bag, it looks casual and stylish. It’s also very Japanese street stylish-ish which I am going after now. It has a few compartments which I can separate my belongings accordingly. It can be a shoulder or messenger bag but usually I use it as a shoulder bag.

17. Multi-purpose Headband, from Nile.com.my for MYR 4.30

Leopard prints are the HOT item in October. This headband is silk-like fabric (not sure if it is) which can be use as neck scarf, bag accessory, headband, wrist scarf or belt. Just use your creativity!

18. One Shoulder Chiffon Dress, from Nile.co.my for MYR 15.50

Because of the influence of following on Japanese street fashion, I’m also into floral and light material clothing hence getting this lovely dress. It looks simple and very feminine.

19. Vintage Sleeveless Top, from fBlock for MYR 16.00

This has vintage elements yet modern. It has an online store but I actually visited their physical store in Sunway Pyramid. It’s a little more or less over-sized but its really comfy.

20. High-waist Denim Shorts, from Sungai Wang for MYR 25.00

I’ve been wanting a pair of these for sometime ago and I finally have a stronger reason to get one this time because it’s a part that helps to complete my Halloween costume. It’s very stylish and trendy. It’s also very military-ish because of the placement of the buttons. I really love that this fits me so well because this wasn’t allowed to be tried on before purchasing. Lucky me!

21. Yellow Spaghetti Top with Flowers, from Sungai Wang for MYR 15.00

I bought this over my lunch break. This top is very feminine and soft. I don’t really have very feminine clothing and I’m picking it up right now. I love the details that it has little flowers at the top and lace around it. It’s also has vintage elements to it for its laces.

This wasn’t any huge splurge because I find that I spend lesser in October than September but trust me, for November hauls its going to be more and exciting!


Which item do you find is the most interesting in this post? What have you splurge in October?

Share with me on the comment section below.


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