Restaurant Kam Qun, Fish Head Specialties

This ain’t the first time visiting this restaurant and I came here a couple of times with my BF’s family. This time round, I’m here with my bunch of guy friends having casual dinner over last weekend. This restaurant was first located in Pandan Indah and they have just  moved to this new location just a few months ago. Some of you would probably freak out thinking what is there to eat out of a first head? It’s not entire;y only the head but partially the body. What we liked about their fish head is its always fresh, juicy and affordable.

Restaurant Kam Qun - Menu

There isn’t much selection of food looking at their menu here. Six types of flavors for steamed fish heads priced at MYR24.00 – MYR25.00 and six other dishes priced from MYR5.00 – MYR 30.00. It isn’t too expensive yea? Let’s see what have we ordered. When it comes to eating with my guy friends, they eat like dinosaurs!

Restaurant Kam Qun - Fish Head Steamed with Black Bean Sauce

Fish Head Steamed with Black Bean Sauce

As I mentioned earlier, the fish is very fresh and juicy. The steamed fish head is covered with black bean sauce with red and green capsicums, raw red shallots, red chili  parsley and spring onions. The black bean sauce is quite thick but the sauce is slightly bland because its not as salty as how black beans usually be. This is the first time trying this flavor, if only is slightly more salty then it would be perfect. Though it does have chopped chillies it is not as spicy.

Price: MYR 25.00

Restaurant Kam Qun - Fish Head Steamed with Soy Sauce

Fish Head Steamed with Soy Sauce

This is the best dish among all of the flavors that I had before. Basically, the fish head is steamed with soy sauce and oil, topped with fried garlics, ginger, red chili, parsley and spring onion. This dish has never go wrong before and I highly recommend trying it. Since the fish is fresh, the flesh is tender and just with the fragrant of soy sauce, it gives a very tasteful flavor.

Price: MYR 25.00

Restaurant Kam Qun - Steam Beancurd with Dried Shrimp

Steamed Beancurd with  Dried Shrimp

This was served to us warm and that’s the best thing out of it plus that the beancurd is very smooth. I came across restaurants that served the same dish but the beancurd is cold. Its served with soy sauce and topped with oyster sauce, fried dried shrimps and spring onions. Beancurd doesn’t have much taste to it but with the soy sauce and the fragrant dried shrimp, it makes the beancurd taste good. Its the nicest by far I ever had.

Price: MYR 5.00

Restaurant Kam Qun - Steamed Spare Ribs in Plums

Steamed Spare Ribs in Plum Sauce

It’s pork spare ribs steamed in plum sauce with tons of chopped ginger, topped with tomato, chilli and spring onion. The ginger flavor is pretty heavy that I can’t tell there is any plum sauce. The spare ribs are juicy and not over cooked. You can tell if the ribs are over cooked, the meat with be too tough and sticks on the bones. For those of you who likes ginger, this isn’t too bad and I’m liking this dish.

Price: MYR 15.00

Restaurant Kam Qun - Stir Fry Baby Lettuce

Stir Fry Baby Lettuce

We always balance out our diet with vegetables. This ain’t no stranger to us but just a simple stir fry with garlic. I don’t quite remember how much is this, probably less than MYR 10.00.

Restaurant Kam Qun - Sweet & Sour Pork

Sweet & Sour Pork

Deep fried pork pieces with sweet and sour sauce with green capsicums, red shallots and tomato. From the menu, the pork was soaking in the sauce but it turns out sufficient in real. The pork was still tender and not over cooked at all. The sauce was a little thick but once I ate it with rice, it’s fine. It’s a decent dish.

Price: MYR 15.00

I would recommend to have dinner here for its steamed fish head. Their otak-otak and omelette isn’t too bad either. The price is very reasonable as to compared with other places for steamed fish head. I couldn’t locate this restaurant in Google maps, I’ll just share with you the address below.

No. 40-G Dataran Mestika
Jalan Mawar 17,
Taman Mestika,
56100 Selangor.
Handphone: +6012-287 9964


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