Review: Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack, I Tried Hard Not to Laugh At How I Look

This is something new that I have spotted when I made my purchase from Watsons and also shared on using it on the day I bought it in my Instagram. It is Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack
It looks like the usual pore strips and printed with ‘NEW! T-ZONE’ that clearly attracted my attention. This pore strips comes for areas of forehead and chin.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack Description

Basically the pore strips helps to extract blackheads and this is formulated with astringent which I believe Witch Hazel extract is doing the wonders. Biore Pore Pack Strips has been one of my favourites and I usually have them on my chin area too which is why I am so attracted to this.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack How To Use

Using it is simply the same. As for me, I normally like to use it before cleansing my face. The reason being is because the next step I would do is to cleanse my skin and my cleanser would be able to cleanse deeper and minimize the open pores from the extraction.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack Opening Tab

The box comes with a tab to open where the normal ones doesn’t have. Little did I know, I noticed that there’s Japanese language printed on the box and removes the box sleeve.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack Japanese

It reveals that this box is originally printed in Japanese. It should be the same description and the one with the sleeves printed in English is an ease for any customers to understand what it does.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Packs

In the box, it contains 5 nose strips and 5 forehead and chin strips. Just like the usual, they come in separated foil packs.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack Manual 2

Also in the box, it comes with a manual which entirely in Japanese that I could hardly understand. From the pictures, I could tell it is showing how to use the pore strip and how it helps to remove the blackheads.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack Close Up

Here is how the strips look like. As for the forehead and chin, it comes with 2 triangular strips. I’m not sure if I could still call it strips because of it’s shape or better to call as patch?┬áThere isn’t any indication which should go on the forehead or chin area.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack How To

I would use saline solution as my ex-colleague once shared, it effectively cleanses wound and I do find it using this it is much effective to remove my blackheads. You could use water if you don’t have saline solution. I would peel the strip off from the film, place it inside out and pour a sufficient amount of saline solution. Quickly I touch the tip of the solution to distribute it evenly on the strip with my finger.

  1. First goes on to my nose.
  2. Second goes on my forehead.
  3. Third goes on my chin.
  4. Last step is to have a facial cotton sufficiently soaked with the saline solution, press firmly onto the strips to remove air bubbles. This step also ensures that the strip adheres firmly without excessive liquid.

Leave it on until it dries off firmly, the strip will harden and when this happen, it is the best time to remove it slowly and carefully as you will be able to witness the blackheads being removed.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack On Face

This is how it looks like to have the strip on and my friend was telling me I looked like the character in Avatar: The Last Airbender. ┬áMy brother and sister in law came by when I have this on and they definitely had a great laugh over my look. I wasn’t even offended at all and I laughed so hard with them.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack After Forehead

Time is up and removed it. This is the result from forehead, I do not expect much removal from this area because I don’t really have much blackheads.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack After Chin

This is from the chin and I actually wished that the strip could be longer because I do have blackheads at the sides of my lips. The removal is not as much as I expected.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack After  Nose

This is from the nose and this strip removes better just like they usually do. Though they did not remove all of my blackheads but at least it shows some results.

Above all…

It didn’t help as much as how their usual pore strips are. Normally, I would use two strips (one for nose, one for chin) and they remove as effective as how this nose pore strip do. I think I would go back to the usual pore strips for their size, effectiveness and in terms of price comparison, it is the same.

Price: MYR10.99

Availability: Watsons


  • Accommodate other areas than nose
  • Affordable


  • Not as effective as compare to the usual
  • Strip size for forehead and chin is small

My Rating: 3.5/5


Traclyn Yeoh
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