Review: CLIO Salon De Cara Hair Roll Cara Volume x Volume, Effortless Sky High Rocket Lashes & Grabs The Tiniest Lashes

It feels like I am on mascara spree, as I have already shared a mascara review earlier this week and now I am here with another. Yup, that’s how much I got to love mascaras and more to come. Remember CLIO Salon De Cara that was launched early last month? I was given the opportunity to try this mascara and here it is!

CLIO Salon De Cara Volume x Volume Mascara

Salon de Cara uniqueness includes,

  • First salon style brush mascara in Korea adopting salon technology
  • Salon oriented formula volume effect
  • Waterproof coating that will easily wash off without irritation
  • Salon ingredients using ceramide and Argan Oil, which provides strong moisturizing treatment to prevent eye lashes from being damaged.

    Hair Roll Cara (Volume x Volume)

    With a 15mm cylindrical roller brush, just like hair rollers. Hair Roll Cara gives you the complete volumise eyelashes and oriented light volume formula from Ballon Hallow Powder.

Watch how Sandara Park from 2NE1 work it with the mascara!

CLIO Salon De Cara Volume x Volume Mascara 2
Currently, Salon de Cara is packaged just like how it looks like from the first image. Inside the box, there is an individual pack of the mascara and it comes with freebie of electronic heated lash curler. Salon de Cara comes in three types and what I have here is called Hair Roll Cara which promotes volume for the lashes.

CLIO Salon De Cara Volume x Volume Mascara Description

At the back of the individual pack of mascara is mostly described in Korean and the only English description would be:-

Salon de Cara
No.1 Hair Roll Cara
Hair Roll brush delivers dramatic full volume with just one touch. Ballon Hollow Powder allows a mega volume with an airy touch. Waterproof film helps lashes last all day without smudging and you can easily wash it off with warm water.

Please pardon me as I am not able to read Korean and if any of you understands it, feel free to share with me.

CLIO Salon De Cara Volume x Volume Mascara 3

Hair Roll Cara comes in a pink and black tube of satin finish. A very standard size like most mascaras do.

CLIO Salon De Cara Volume x Volume Mascara Tube

The entire tube does not label which type this mascara and one way it to turn around the tube where it is printed Volume x Volume. That is also the shape of the brush inside of the tube.

CLIO Salon De Cara Volume x Volume Mascara Brush

Here is a closer look of the brush, tiny and short sized with little bristles. The brush is also in pink just like it’s tube but maybe from here, you are not able to tell because it is covered with the product. Seems like the formula is quite heavy and wet.

CLIO Salon De Cara Volume x Volume Mascara ApplicationThe formula does worry me during the application if it smudges or goes on to my eyelid and even if it weighs down my lashes. From the brush structure, this mascara would be great for those who have short and sparse lashes because it reached out every of my lashes beautifully. However, that doesn’t mean that long lashes cannot use this mascara, you’ll just take slightly more time to apply. I recommend to apply with zigzag motion to achieve the best effect of this mascara.

CLIO Salon De Cara Volume x Volume Mascara Before & After

The comparison of before and after definitely shows a big difference! My lashes are so much more lifted and do bare in mind that I did not curl my lashes at all. They also look darker, however, because the formula is quite wet that it tend to bring a few lashes to stick together which can be tricky while you apply.

CLIO Electronic Lash Curler

I have yet to use the electronic heated curler, hence no comments for this yet. It very light and battery operated. Battery is not provided in the box.

Above all…

I love this mascara of how sky high rocket it brought my lashes up effortlessly and no smudges for more than 9 hours. It was also easy to remove with my cleanser, no more panda eyes! Though applying it can be quite tricky, once you get around with it, I have learn to love it. The brush is small but it reaches out to my tiniest lashes and it took me a while to apply because I have long lashes. All the effect was effortless and shows great result but the volume effect is not so much there.

Price: MYR65.90

Availability: Watsons


  • Effortless sky high rocket lashes
  • Reaches out tiny lashes
  • Easy removal


  • Could be pricey
  • Long application duration
  • Volume effect is not as expected

My Rating: 4.6/5


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. I saw this in Watson today and was heavily intrigued by it! I’ll probably lean towards the yellow one, I love rounded brush bristle mascaras. Thanks for the review! Think I’ll pick one pretty soon 😉

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