Review: Collistar Special Essential White® HP Brightening Total Eye Treatment Reduces Eye Puffiness But Hardly On Dark Circles

In my previous post is where I have revealed that Sasa had launched Collistar Special Essential White® HP in April 2014. A new improved formula of the range offers to brighten and lighten for that clear, radiant and smooth skin without blemishes and imperfections. This time, I will share with you Collistar Special Essential White® HP Brightening Total Eye Treatment.

Collistar Brightening Total Eye Treatment

‘A specially designed formula for the delicate skin around the eyes to give them fresh, radiant and smooth appearance.

Combats eye bags and dark circles with an active ingredient that stimulates the drainage of liquids.

Prevents wrinkles and skin aging with vitamins B5 and E.

Guarantees long-lasting moisturization with hyaluronic acid.

Whitens and brightens thanks to the Essential White Complex and Italian plant extracts.

Light and fast absorbing, it is ideal in the morning for combating puffy eyes, but also in the evening to exploit its benefits during the night.’ – Collistar

Collistar Brightening Total Eye Treatment Tube

It comes in a very slim tube and it has pointy end which helps to control to dispense the amount of the product. As many of us already know that we only need a very small amount of eye cream for application since it is a small area that we need to apply.

Collistar Brightening Total Eye Treatment Texture

It’s a white cream and the texture is more towards liquid than cream. it’s runny and spreads out easily without tugging. When I apply this cream, I do apply it on my under eye and my eye lid up to the brow bone. It has the same scent as Collistar Special Essential White® HP City UV Multi-Protection SPF30, a mix of floral and typical sun block scent.

Collistar Brightening Total Eye Treatment Before & After 2

I have been using it for a month and I do notice that my eye puffiness shows slight improvement. However on the first week of usage, I broke out on my right eye area and that only happened once. It’s really hard to notice much improvement over the weeks.

Collistar Brightening Total Eye Treatment Before & After

Here would be a comparison of before and after using. In real, it’s hard to notice much improvement on dark circles after a month of using it but it did improve my eye puffiness.

Collistar Brightening Total Eye Treatment Ingredients

It does contain dimethicon and alcohol. Having alcohol as part of the ingredient of an eye cream is something that worries me because our eye area is so delicate and thin. Often times that alcohol’s presence in products are meant to banish bacteria but I’m not sure if it is necessary for eye cream.Collistar Brightening Total Eye Treatment Gurantee

This eye cream also comes with a guarantee card. Collistar encourages their customers to provide them feedback this way.

Above all…

As much as I want to love this eye cream, I do feel that the effectiveness of this eye cream is rather slow especially on the dark circles. I know it is common to have dark circles but this eye cream claims to be able to combat it and it doesn’t seem to help mine.

I do like to use it because my skin absorbs it easily without tugging or tacky texture. It does make my make up crease a little bit. At the moment, I could not judge if it helps for wrinkles because I have yet to have any. If this eye cream works, it should be helping me to prevent formation of wrinkles by now. The price is quite pricey for my preference but it all depends on your lifestyle standards.

Price: MYR 135.00

Weight: 15ml / 0.5 fl.oz

Availability: Selected Sasa outlet throughout Malaysia


  • Slim tube, pointy end control dispense
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Light textured, easy to absorb
  • No tugging or tacky finish


  • Slow effectiveness for dark circles
  • Creases under makeup
  • Pricey
  • Limited availability

My Rating: 3.8/5


~ ♦ ~

This eye cream was provided by Sasa for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Gulp, alcohol for eye cream??? Won’t it be drying for the eyes area? I don’t think eye creams really work, I am just using them for the sake of preventing early wrinkles. Haha

    • I’m worried about it too but I didn’t experience any drying at the moment. It’s really tough to find one that work well.

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