Review: Dr. Barman’s Super Brush Cleans 3 Surfaces of The Tooth At One Go

I have not reviewed any oral care products before despite my effort of wanting whiter and brighter teeth. After all, smile is also a key factor to beauty. I do think our oral care is as important as taking care of our skin. In this review, I will be sharing Dr. Barman’s toothbrush.

Dentiste' - Dr. Barman Super Brush Special 2

This Dr. Barman’s toothbrush is not your normal toothbrush. It is specially developed for receding and sensitive gums. The one I have here is Dr. Barman’s Super Brush Special 2 and this is definitely some fancy toothbrush.

Dentiste' - Dr. Barman Super Brush Special 2 Back

Behind it’s packaging, it describes the functionality of the brush and how it works.

  • brushes 3 surfaces of the teeth simultaneously
  • cleans inside as thoroughly as the outside
  • bristles are precisely angled to remove bacterial plaque from the gum line
  • more efficient cleaning within a shorter time
  • user friendly action also for both care providers and recipient
  • use short scrubbing strokes
  • grip the brush lightly
  • tilt the brush slightly for optimal plague removal along the gum line

Dentiste' - Dr. Barman Super Brush Special 2 Description

Dr. Barman is known for developing 3-headed toothbrush for optimum teeth cleaning. These toothbrush promotes  3 surfaces of the tooth cleaning at the same time reduces plagues with greater contact with the tooth.

Dentiste' - Dr. Barman Super Brush Special 2 Close Up

For the toothbrush that I have is only two headed which definitely look fancy to me. The brush head is typically small and it does felt weird on the first time using this brush. It was really easy to use for the teeth at the back but when it comes to brushing the front row, I had to keep the toothbrush horizontally to ensure the bristles of the brush has a good contact with my teeth.

Maybe my jaw is slightly narrow but the toothbrush tend to knock against my teeth a lot when it comes to brushing my front teeth especially on the curve towards my back teeth. I have had experienced temporary gum bleeding on my first few use but it wasn’t painful at all. The bristles doesn’t feel very firm, gentle enough for my teeth and I tend to apply more pressure.

Dentiste' - Dr. Barman Super Brush Special 2 Handle

Holding the toothbrush was a little tricky at first because it is designed flat and since I tend to apply quite a bit of pressure while I brush my teeth, there are times it slips off easily. It’s not a big issue after all.

Above all…

I can’t deny for the toothbrush useful function but I do feel frustrated when the knocking against my teeth does happens and cleans fast, somehow, it felt like my teeth wasn’t clean enough. In fact, my teeth is actually squeaky clean. I definitely wish that the brush head is much more flexible to reduce the knocking.  I tend to get plagues on the inside of the front row of teeth and as far as I have used this toothbrush for 2 weeks now, there’s no build up on my teeth at the moment which is a good thing. It shows that this toothbrush helped. Of many toothbrushes I have used, I do think that this toothbrush is quite pricey. I recommend to grab them when it goes on promotion.

Price: MYR24.00


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  • Gentle against teeth
  • Cleans fast
  • Reduces plague build up


  • Experience gum bleeding
  • Knocks against teeth
  • Pricey

My Rating:4/5


~ ♦ ~

This toothbrush was provided by Hermo for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

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