Review: Evolu DE-STRESS Soothing Eye Gel, Refreshes Tired Eyes

Stress is something we face almost everyday, well it also depends on your stress level. As many people said, our eyes are the window of our soul and we might be aware of it but we often stressing them by the hours we spent looking to the computer monitor or squinting our eyes while watching TV or over the bright sun. This stresses also contribute to poor blood circulation to our eyes which result in tired, puffy and dark eye circles. Let’s hear it for Evolu DE-STRESS Soothing Eye Gel to find out how effective this product went for me.

Evolu DE-STRESS Soothing Eye Gel

‘Perfect for stressed and hypersensitive skin, this cooling botanical concentrate calms, soothes and visibly refreshes tired appearance around the eyes. The synergistic blend of aloe vera, eyebright extract and arnica combine to reduce skin discomfort and puffiness, whilst mamaku fern extract enriches and stimulates cell renewal. A non-oily gel for daily use, it soaks in quickly to leave the eye area freshened, toned and revitalised.’ – Evolu

This is suitable for all skin types especially for those who are not fond with rich creams around their eye area. Combining with a few natural ingredients, this eye gel comes in a handy tube which able to stand on its own.

Evolu DE-STRESS Soothing Eye Gel Pump

Though it comes in a tube form, it dispenses the gel from a pump which is very hygienic and avoids the oxidization of the gel. For the entire time that I use this eye gel, I didn’t face much problems with the pump at all. In fact, it was quite easy to use and the amount of gel that was dispense is always consistent.

Evolu DE-STRESS Soothing Eye Gel Cover

I find that the design on the pump cover was interesting. It’s similar to any Celtic designs which in my opinion, something different from their usual packaging and it’s beautiful. It’s actually Evolu’s symbol.

Evolu DE-STRESS Soothing Eye Gel Texture

The gel is transparent clear without any scent, the texture is thick but once blended it absorbs easily. I use about half a pump  during the day and a full pump at night before bed daily. Just dab gently around the eye area until it’s fully absorbed. I tend to apply above of my eyelid crease to ensure that area gets to enjoy the benefits of the eye gel too. Because of it’s gel texture, it felt cooling and refreshing right after the application.

Evolu DE-STRESS Soothing Eye Gel - Weekly Progress

I have been using it for a month now and been trying to regulate my sleeping hours appropriately. In the course of 4 weeks, I do find that my eye area does look less tired gradually. The redness has also lessen periodically.

Evolu DE-STRESS Soothing Eye Gel - Weekly Progress Side

Here is the side view to show you the hollows of my dark circle. They are slightly less visible by week 4. I love how hydrated my under eye felt. Not that my under eye area is dry to begin with but somehow it felt like the eye gel did plumped that area.

Evolu DE-STRESS Soothing Eye Gel - Before & After

Here is a comparison of before using and after a month of using. This shows a much greater difference that my eyes look less tired. Very much refreshed too.

Evolu DE-STRESS Soothing Eye Gel - Before & After Side

Here’s the comparison on the side and I do notice that the redness faded slight bit.

Above all…

As it claims that it helps to refresh tired eyes, I’d like to think it did helped although the results wasn’t drastic. We can’t expect drastic results on the dark circles because it has work with the harmony of our skin. In a way, it also helps to maintain the condition of my eye area. It doesn’t irritate my eye area at all, in fact it felt refreshing and hydrated. I also liked the packaging itself that it is very hygienic and easy to use. Even so, I do think that it is quite pricey for an eye gel with such functionality.

Price: MYR232.00

Weight: 25ml/ 0.85fl.oz

Availability: theSkintopic Outlet



  • Unscented
  • Absorbs easily
  • Keeps eye area hydrated
  • Proven less tired looking eyes after a month
  • Reduces redness


  • Pricey

My Rating: 4/5

~ ♦ ~

This eye gel was provided by theSkintopic for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

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