Review: Phantasee Contact Lens in Natural Green, Mesmerizing Eyes with Enlarging Effect

When it comes to selecting contact lens, I always search for something that gives the most natural looking and opaque color. Other aspects that I’m looking into is the diameter about 14 mm, I don’t fancy those enlarging eye effect and thick black rims. Also, the comfortability and moisture is important. approached to review one of their lenses in committing to their Blogger Ambassadorship and after much consideration, I have chosen Phantasee Contact Lens in Natural Green. Phantasee contact lens are more known for their crazy lenses such as cat eye, spider web and more, those are perfect for Halloween or Cosplay.

Maxvue Vision Phantasee Contact Lens in Natural Green - Blister Packaging

Phantasee Natural is the choice for those who are looking for a pair of contact lenses that would blend in with their discreet style. Produced with perfect colour blending in mind, the Natural series enhances yours eyes with subtle blending patterns and colours. The Natural series are also a 3 month replacement lens which make it a value for money option.

  • Frequency: Quarterly Wear
  • Diameter: 14mm
  • Material: Hydrogel Terpolimer
  • Water Content: 45%

Maxvue Vision Phantasee Contact Lens in Natural Green - In Case

I have high expectation towards these lenses. Although it is described in the website that these lenses is 14mm, it seems far bigger than I expected. I also have the tendency to choose colors that are very light because I have dark brown eyes to begin with and always worried that if the color lenses doesn’t show.

Maxvue Vision Phantasee Contact Lens in Natural Green - Close Up With & Without

Here is how it looks like of without and with the lenses. The color is acceptable but I was right on the enlarging effect and because of it, it doesn’t seem as natural anymore. My eyes usually fit nicely and look natural with 14mm lenses but this seems like 16mm lens.

To put this on is slightly tough because the lens is quite soft. I had to tilt my head back when the lens touches my eye to ensure that it doesn’t come off because it didn’t want to get attached. The color pay-off is much darker than I expected but the pattern of the lens does look natural actually.

Maxvue Vision Phantasee Contact Lens in Natural Green - Traclyn Yeoh

Here is me wearing the lenses and as you can see the color doesn’t show as much unless you come close-up to me. Great thing about the pattern of the lenses makes my eyes looks mesmerizing.


Everything actually seems good but the enlarging effect is just a turn off for me. Upon wearing this, it doesn’t feel comfortable for the first hour but I get used to it later on and after 4 – 5 hours, my eyes began to redden showing signs of dryness. In my opinion, I think these lenses are very affordable and this could last for 3 months. I also love the fact that the come in blister packaging because its more friendly to open it than vial packagings. If you fancy this type of lenses, it could be for you. I also have a MYR20 gift voucher, just enter GOtraclyn20 during your check out. - Gift Voucher GOtraclyn20

Price: MYR39 (per pair), MYR78 (for 2 pairs)

Availability: Glasses Online

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  • Natural lens pattern
  • Blister packaging for easier opening
  • Affordable


  • Enlarging effect
  • Lens is quite soft, difficult for application
  • Insufficient moisture level

My Rating: 4/5


~ ♦ ~

This contact lens has been provided in the Blogger Ambassadorship by Glasses Online, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh
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