Review: Refresh My Body Anytime & Anywhere, No More Feeling Sticky with Biore Body Powder Wipes!

With the heat and humidity level in Malaysia, its hard to stay fresh all day unless you’re in the air conditioning all the time. When you sweat, that’s where all the trouble comes. You’ll start to feel sticky, uneasy and worry if your body odour is going to bother anyone. Biore introduce the new, Body Powder Wipes an on-the-go wipes that you could bring to you anywhere you want and use it anytime.

Biore Body Powder Wipes that not only instantly refresh but also remove all odour, perspiration and stickiness with just one wipe!
Unlike common wet wipes that tend to leave a sticky feeling, Biore Body Powder wipes are formulated with superfine, translucent powder that leaves your skin smooth, soft and comfortable. Leaves no white residue.
Comes in a handy pack that allows one to freshen up anytime, anywhere. Available in Fresh Soap and Fresh Citrus fragrance.’ – Biore

These wipes promises to leave skin feeling smooth and powdery with the ability to remove odour and sticky feeling. It can be use on any part of the body or sweaty areas such as underarms, chest, back, neck and legs. Because these wipes contains alcohol, it is not recommended for babies and for sensitive skin. I have been waiting for wipes like this to come because I could use it after my sports or outing.

Once you’ve unpack from its packaging, they are in packets with peel back adhesive strip. Just like many travel wet wipes pack, those peel back adhesive strip helps to retain moisturise of the wipes. At the back of the pack, its all printed with Japanese which I have no idea what its says because I can’t read Japanese. 

The size of the wipe is approximately half size smaller than my wet wipes (I’m using Guardian  Baby Wipes) but its far thicker. It has 4 ply which something I wasn’t expecting. The wipes also embedded with Biore name over it and it feels soft on my body.

Here is a before and after which doesn’t show a big difference but my skin does look slightly brighter after using it. It does leave my skin feeling smooth without any white cast of the powder. Sara sara powder is what makes my skin feels smooth after using this wipes.


The Fresh Soap scent has great alcohol scent as to compare with Fresh Citrus, however the alcohol doesn’t stay. I would still prefer Fresh Citrus because its more on the lemony scent and refreshing. These wipes are smaller in size compared to the ordinary wet wipes but they are much thicker which is a plus point because it doesn’t tear easily. Though the alcohol content is the second in the ingredients listing, I have no trouble with it on my skin. It helps to clean my skin too because there are traces of crumbled dirts coming off when I used it (probably my body lotion) but the wipe doesn’t trap the dirt, I have to sweep it off my body.


When I go for sports especially cycling, I usually head out to get going for the rest of the other day without showering but I do change clothing and try clean myself as much as I can but the ordinary wet wipes still leaves sticky feeling which still makes me uncomfortable. This is a winner because it leaves my skin feeling smooth although I expected the powdery function could be better. I would recommend this for those who sweat easily or active in sports no matter men or women, it can be easily fit into the bag because its so travel savvy. Its great to use it even to just cool yourself.

Price: MYR 7.90

Weight: 10 wipes/45ml

Collection Status: Permanent

Availability: 27 August 2012 at Watsons

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  • Easy to travel with
  • 4 ply for each wipe
  • No sticky feeling
  • Helps to clean skin


  • Fresh Soap scent has more alcohol scent
  • Doesn’t trap dirt

My rating: 4.6/5


~ ♦ ~

These wipes has been provided for review purposes, please refer disclaimer.

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