Review: Reminisce The Sweet Memories With Carlo Rino It’s Me Eau De Parfum

It’s Me…sure it sounds intimate and personal to me. Carlo Rino introduced their first fragrance last month during the showcase of their Fall Winter 2013 Collection. I received this fragrance during the launch as a complimentary.

Carlo Rino It's Me Eau De Parfum 2

“Inspired by fresh florals that instantly refreshes your senses, giving you the true scent of love and freedom. A trendy scent of belongings, lingering memorable moments for the simple, true of one self.

Made to stir the senses and inspire feelings of romance and tenderness, lose yourself in sweet, earthy notes of iris, rock rose, osmanthus, Egyptian violet, lavender, neroli, cardamom and lemongrass, origanum marjorana and vanilla. The fragrance comes in a beautiful cylindrical bottle embossed with pink hearts and a playful Carlo Rino motif.” – Carlo Rino

Carlo Rino It's Me Eau De Parfum 3

This fragrance comes in a very cute stubby transparent glass bottle and I believe the lid is made of acrylic. The size of the fragrance is just by the grasp of hand which is a good size without being too bulky. The overall bottle shape is very simple.

Carlo Rino It's Me Eau De Parfum 4

Onto the design print of the bottle inclusive of Carlo Rino’s label with hearts, checks and polka dots in soft pink which makes it look very feminine and sweet. Also with It’s Me labelled in the middle of the heart design.

Carlo Rino It's Me Eau De Parfum Ingredients

Ingredients listing for those who is concern.


It smells sweet, tangy with slight jasmine scent, refreshing at the first hour. After that, the scent transitioned to sophisticated and cozy. Just like reminiscing sweet memories where you can feel the warmth of it, the scent that you wouldn’t mind to cuddle with. I believe the tangy scent could be the top note as it is overpowering the rest of the scent which sometimes could be a spoiler with the sudden refreshing scent. For the price and scent, I would say this is quite affordable. If you’re the sophisticated, warm and feminine, this fragrance could be for you.

Retail Price: MYR179

Weight: 50ml / 1.7fl.oz

Availability: Carlo Rino Boutiques

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My Rating: 4.8/5


~ ♦ ~

This fragrance was provided during Carlo Rino Fall Winter 2013 Fashion Show, kindly refer disclaimer.

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