Review: Talika Skin Retouch Akin To Photoshop?

‘Micro-pigments encapsulated in a liquid “stretch” formula appear to erase fine lines, dry skin and other effects of ageing. Skin looks instantly younger, softer, more luminous.”  – Talika

Talika Skin Retouch was launch not long ago and I had the opportunity to get a hands-on experience at the exclusive launch

It contains small pigments to create an optical soft-focus effect by unify the reflection of light within lines and pores. The large pigments helps to hide imperfections and redness on the skin surface.

Talika Skin Retouch promises to:

  • Erase fine lines and wrinkles (in 28 days)
  • Instantly evening out skin tone up to 86% by hiding shadows and blotches
  • Instantly smoothen up to 85% and 79% more matte
  • Skin fatigue instantly look 72% less noticeable

It comes with a  smooth silicone applicator with a small slit in the middle as the output for the product. The applicator is attached with half a turn dial where you can turn it ‘ON’ to dispense the product and ‘OFF’ to secure it from leaking in your storage.

Instructions to apply:

  1. Apply your skincare treatment
  2. Unlock Skin Retouch face, by positioning the arrow to “on”
  3. Apply by smoothing with the spatula, from the centre of the face outwards. Leave it to dry for 30 seconds.
  4. Apply your makeup!
  5. Turn the tip to reposition the arrow to “off”

I learned that to use only one direction to smooth outwards during the application. At first, I was going front and back of the applicator but fluid doesn’t go on smoothly. The applicator can be rinsed and cleansed for hygienic purposes.

It comes in an unscented translucent white fluid, it feel light on the back of my hand and dries off pretty quickly. I was told to avoid the eye area when applying and there is no need to use any liquid foundation. If needed for more coverage, just apply with foundation powder.

Please don’t mind my messy hair, it usually don’t act that way until this review.

  • Before: Naked face with freshly applied skin care. My skin is uneven, red on certain area and dark circles.
  • After: Freshly apply Skin Retouch. My skin instantly look brighter, mattified and less redness especially around the nose area.
  • Concealer + Foundation Powder: Applied concealer on my dark circles, foundation powder all over my face and filled my brows.

Here is a close up on how much it has lessen the appearance of my spots and redness. My enlarged pores are also less visible. The arrows are pointing on uneven application and blotchy spots from application.

This is a silicon-based product and if you’re not a fan or allergic to such ingredient, this product might not be suitable for you. I don’t have any problems with silicone-based products but this isn’t a keeper for me. Read on to find out why.


Using the build-in applicator to apply this product can be uneven and streaky. It is not as flexible as a brush or our fingers, its difficult to reach around the nose area. The product dispenses in a slow and small amount which is good because the fluid dries off really fast in a few seconds. When my concealer gets in contact with Skin Retouch, it doesn’t blend together leaving blotchy spots on my skin. I was trying to hard to blend them together but there’s so much skin tugging happening and it takes quite a while get that least blotchy spot.


It gives great instant effect but I’m not feeling it because it doesn’t go well with my concealer eventhough I tried reversing the steps of application (concealer first then Skin Retouch). Now I get the idea why liquid foundation was not recommended. The brightening effect does make me look slightly pale and the powder foundation helps to correct it. I love the mattifying effect at the very beginning but my t-zone starts to oil up after 3 hours but it doesn’t dry out my skin. At the fifth hour, I felt like my skin is covered a layer of rubbery texture as though Skin Retouch is floating up above my skin. I don’t really like that feeling, definitely urge me to remove it immediately.

  • Price: MYR162.00
  • Weight: 30ml
  • Collection Status: Permanent
  • Availability: July 2012 at Talika counters in Parkson (Pavilion, KLCC, 1 Utama,Gurney Plaza), Isetan (KLCC, 1Utama) and Metrojaya Mid Valley.


  • Unscented
  • Secured and hygienic applicator
  • Dries in seconds
  • Instant brightening and mattifying
  • Doesn’t dry out skin


  • Silicon-based
  • Difficult to reach narrow areas with the applicator
  • Streaky application
  • Doesn’t blend with liquid concealer
  • Leaves blotchy spots
  • Low oil control power

My rating: 2.5/5

p/s: Since it can be use on hand, I will try to use it on my arms as they are super dry and tan now. I’ll keep you updated.


Traclyn Yeoh
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