Rock Pinktober LaVogueFemme x SlowBroGal Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer comprises 22.9% of all cancer in women and affects one million women worldwide every year. Most breast cancer cases are unavoidable through any action on the part of the affected person. Due to such, breast cancer can affect or will affect all of us anytime and what we are trying to enlighten here is to prevent it before it happens.

Rock Pinktober LaVogueFemme x SlowBroGal Breast Cancer Awareness

In collaboration with SlowBroGal, we are creating this campaign awareness with hope that we could make a difference to enlighten more people about it. We could  totally understand that we are in the mid-October, hence we sought this plan and banners real quick just last weekend. October is the month of breast cancer awareness which relates to the pink ribbon and we are delighted to name this campaign “Rock Pinktober”.

From today onward throughout the entire October, we will be sharing at least one photo daily in Facebook or Instagram of any pink items that we see. stumble, use and etc, it can be anything! We are inviting you to join us to share your photos and we would love to see what will be your pink items! Psst…your photos maybe featured our Facebook, just remember to include these hashtags for us to keep track on you.

#rockpinktober  #pinktober   #pinkawareness  #pinkBCA

Also, feel free to grab this button if you’re participating this campaign to your blog/Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr/Pinterest or anywhere you like. Trust me, checking out the pink items of yours and others will be fun!

Pinktober Small Banner

On the 18th oct, our nation’s most iconic landmark, Petronas Twin Tower will be lighten up in pink for the first time ever, a symbol of hope for a world free from breast cancer. Also, they will be running a digital 3D lightshow for this historical moment at 7:30pm at the Esplanade, KLCC Park. Lastly, do follow us in Facebook or Instagram to catch our sightings on our pink items!

Together We Can Make A Difference!


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