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Many of us envy of how beautifully flawless of most Korean skin is and that is including me. My journey in taking care of skin have ever stop especially when I have combination and acne-prone skin. I’m always curious thinking that it could be the four seasons weather that helped to maintain their skin beauty. Probably that’s why we are lacking in that section since I’m in a tropical country? A while ago, I have just found out one of their secret shared from a friend, her interning colleagues are Koreans. I have noticed their skin (almost poreless!) and asked if my friend knows their secret. Here it is!


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It’s KIMCHI! If you haven’t know what’s kimchi, its basically a traditional fermented Korean dish using different types of vegetables with variety of seasoning and the most common vegetable that they use is Napa cabbage or also known as Chinese cabbage. They are served in most of their meals as a side dish or as the main ingredient for main dishes like kimchi pancakes, kimchi stew and kimchi fried rice. It has that spicy and sour flavor to it. Kimchi also have different grades to it depending on how long it has been fermented, the longer the better. Kim chi also has been rated one of the top five of World Healthiest Food.

Kimchi is a lacto-fermented product that is a good source of probiotics. The procedure of adding salt at the very beginning deactivates the bacteria so it can be stored for a longer period of time. While the salt acts as natural preservative, the lactic acid is produced during the maturing process which suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria. –

Korean Kimchi

Image Courtesy of 21 Food

Here we can see a variety of Kimchi using different vegetables. There’s Napa/Chinese cabbage, raddish, siu pok choy, scallion and cucumber. I have been watching a Korean variety show called Family Outing and indeed, most of the time when they are eating, there’s always kimchi. I love Korean food way back and the kimchi that I like the most is from Ko Hyang. For skin benefit purposes, this makes me love Korean food more! I will try to incorporate kimchi into my meal and will see if there’s improvement.

Bare in mind that consuming kimchi does not give you that immediate effect. Koreans have grown with kimchi and it’s going to take some time for our body to absorb the benefits of kimchi as they are not only beneficial for skin but health too!

Stay away from plastic surgery, eat more kimchi!  A group of researchers at Pusan National University discovered that fermented kimchi contains lots of antioxidants that helps slow down skin aging. By eating kimchi, you also get a good dose of vitamin C and beta carotene, both of which are  good for keeping skin healthy and elastic. – Advance Technology Korea 


Do you like kimchi and will you incorporate it to your meals?


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