Summer Makeup Tutorial

I wrote about Summer makeup 2012 trends early this month and I’m catching up on it with tutorial this time. Its the most challenging season to keep your makeup stay put but I’m all that throughout the year because its hot and humid in Malaysia.

In this tutorial, there’s points of how to prep your skin before your makeup, to make it last longer and followed by the bright colors in the trend. Enjoy!

I couldn’t get much of photos of the looks because the batteries went out when I did the filming but I manage to get some decent ones.

The bright liners are like a statement makeup, simple, bold and fun. Doesn’t look weird at all, in fact I could wear this everyday too.

Wearable bright colors could look more dramatic and its not difficult to pull off. Remember there is always brown to tone it down if you think its too bright for you.

Snap shot of my kitty lazing over when I was filming and I even like how this photo is overexposed with the lighting. My kitty is in dark brown (almost black) and her name is Coffee. Fat kitty but I still love her!


Traclyn Yeoh
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