Talika Body Shaping Challenge: After 3 Weeks

An update of the third week (which was last week) in the Talika Body Shaping Challenge. Wonder how everything is coming up? I have updated my second week here and I did come across some trouble on the bottle and so far, the products has been treating me well.

Talika Body Shaping Challenge - After 3 weeks - Bust Phytoserum 3.0

Remember the last update that I mentioned the head pump went wobbly? I have just discovered a few days later that it was loosen and it’s actually a screw-on head pump. I was really worried that it was broken and wasn’t be able to function properly. If that happens, I’m going to have trouble to dispense it. Thank goodness for the wonderful packaging! I was so relieved when I found out about this.

Talika Body Shaping Challenge - After 3 weeks

I don’t know if this is it but lately been wearing dresses that accentuates my figure to work. Previously was just looser ones. I feel more confident and happy being in those dresses although it shows a little of my bumpy belly. Above is one of those dresses, please ignore that tired work face because I had this photo snapped after my work.  Ain’t too bad ya? The daring part of me showing the curvier figure of mine, gives that sense of satisfaction and to be able to pull it off on such dresses.

I will continue with the final week of the challenge next week, so please stay tuned! To keep yourself with more updates from Talika Malaysia, don’t forget to like in their Facebook below!


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