Moomba Waterfest Festival

It is another great weekend where they have Target Fashion Show in Docklands and rides and fireworks in Alexandra Gardens. It’s Moomba Waterfest Festival! We went to Dockland in the afternoon. There was Dragon Abreast where they have boat race, Lion Dance and Tai Chi performance. There is popcorns, cotton candy, games, and temporary tattoos booths at the Target Fashion Show. All of them are free! Even Nova Radio Station was there to give some freebies. We went around getting all the freebies. The weather was very sunny but it didn’t stop us from losing the chances to grab everything. The information counter provides sun block for free, I’ve got some on but I forgot to put it on my shoulders and I ended up having burnt shoulders. All of us were so excited about the tattoos especially me. I wanted a tattoo so bad but I wasn’t so sure if my parents would actually agree to it. Later on, The Veronicas came for autography session and a little bit of singing but I can’t be bothered to catch up with them since I was queuing for the tattoos.

Later in the evening, we went to the garden. There are so many different rides, and I’m trying to save my money very much, so I decided not to take any ride although it looks pretty exciting. We walked around and there was water-skiing performance which some of it was awesome. We even sat by the stage to catch up with Rock-Wiz which is a reality show where questions to be ask about music and more. The food in the garden was expensive just like the St. Kilda Festival, therefore we headed to KFC to get some wicked wings. However, we didn’t eat in KFC because there are some locals who are messing around in there and we decided to eat it in the apartment instead. It was a fun day out with my friends. Thanks to Jowie, Tomas, Tim , Joel, and Tekken.

Anyways, I had a new haircut. It supposed to be a V at the back but it turns out look more like a bob haircut. It still looks good. Try comparing my old long hair and now. What do you think?

Traclyn Yeoh

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