Travel Light & Smart With Your Make-Ups

Last week I shared about Travel Light & Smart With Your Skin Cares and I thought it will help if I share about make-up too especially when I noticed that I was packing again for a night stay in Genting last weekend. Packing light is very important especially when your baggage allowance is limited. When you pack light, you still want your things to be functional as how you would use it daily. As for make-up, here are my 2 cents.

Travel Light & Smart With Your Make-Ups - Multi Use

Multi-functional Make-up

We are exposed to many steps of make-up application but I don’t think while travelling, you would want to apply full on make-up unless for special occasions. I liked to carry things that are multi-purpose and if you want to know why, here it is.

  • Foundation – You can double apply for better coverage on targeted areas such as spots, acne and dark circles.
  • Lip Tint – Not only you can apply this on your lips, you can apply it on your cheeks for that natural blushing cheeks.
  • Cheek Cream – Most cheek creams has powdery finish, it will work well as eye shadow too.

Travel Light & Smart With Your Make-Ups - Build In Applicators

Build-In Applicators

Especially for brow pencil, I always go for those that has build-in spoolie or brush because its more convenient and easy. When you have something that is build-in, it doesn’t only help to save time but you don’t have to have separate brushes to complete your make-up. Many other make-ups that has build-in applicators such as roll-on concealers, brush-on lip glosses, blushers that comes with build-in sponge or mineral powders with brushes.

Travel Light & Smart With Your Make-Ups - Makeup Brush

Travel Friendly Make-up Brush

If you really have to carry some brushes, do carry brushes that comes with covers for hygienic purposes and less mess. What I have here is powder brush that is retractable, lip brush that the handle is removable and eye liner brush that comes with cover. If you already have travel sized make-up brushes, that would be better!

Travel Light & Smart With Your Make-Ups - Palettes


I often like palettes when it comes to on-the-go make-up. Palette could offer you a variety of colours and types of make-up  all in one. They could come just entirely just with eye shadows, foundations, concealers, blushers, lip colours or mix  of all of these. When there are choices, you can play around with how you want to look for the day or night.

Travel Light & Smart With Your Make-Ups - Small Mirror

Compact Mirrors

While some palette comes with mirror and some doesn’t, I do recommend to bring a compact mirror with you. This is my handheld compact mirror that I use everyday, seems a little dirty (oh well, time to clean it). Mirror is fairly important when you want to apply your make-up and this will help very much when it comes to precise applications.

Travel Light & Smart With Your Make-Ups - Makeup Bag

Make-Up Bag

Lastly, something to store all of your make-up. You want to use bags that are sturdy, waterproof and comes with organizer. Believe or not, this bag can store all of the make-up shown above, provided that I arrange it nicely. This bag comes with a brush organizer where I can store my brushes, pencil makeups or slimmer tube makeups.  This is my favourite make-up bag for now because it can store most of my travel make-ups.


What are your tips in carrying your make-up while travelling?


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