Great Shopping Deals Episode 2

Diana, my dear friend from college came to visit Jowie and me in Melbourne. Since she is visiting, I have brought her to shop lots of goodies! I have not left out too! These are my picks.

  1. Jay Jays T-shirts 3 for AUD30, but I bought only 2 T-shirts and Diana bought 1 T-shirt.
  2. Silver Angles Dress AUD8

3. Long Striped Pants from ICE, Diana and I have one, so was AUD20 for each.

4.  Earrings for AUD1 each.

5.  Metal Bangle AUD5

6.  Square Bangles Set of 3 for AUD1

There will be more to come since Diana will be leaving on the 25th June. We’ll bring her to shop lots!

Traclyn Yeoh

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