L.A. Colors 12 Eye Shadow Palette in 10036 Urban Review

This palette comes with 12 colors. There’s not much details from the palette. No net weight or any ingredients listing. I’m not too sure about the pricing because I have it for free from Vonnie’s Contest. For me, I think eyeshadow palettes are great because they are like a package with everything.

The color is very sheer and matte, not as pigmented as I thought it was. Using wet make-up method or eye primer, would help to enhance the color. When I open the palette, it has a strong smell of baby powder. It doesn’t bother me but for those who does, this is a no-no for you.

I’m not sure if I’m sensitive or something else, I think at the joint of the palette lid is chipped? I just realize it not long ago but it doesn’t really bother me because it doesn’t damage the inside of the palette.

This is like a dejavu of L.A. Colors Glitter Starlet Eyeshadow Palette. It has the same identical color. Both light greens. Weird~ The reason I chose this palette is because I wanted colorful shades. The sponge applicator are the low quality ones. I chuck it aside.

A palette with many colors
Matte colors

Sheer colors
Same identical color
Palette lid chipped
Low quality sponge

My rating: 2.5/5

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Have you tried Coastal Scents? I’ve seen them online & in reviews they’re very pigmented. I dont buy eye make up often but 88 colors for $20 something USD?! That’s a good deal & it lasts longer. When my job starts picking up, I’m getting some.

    The colors in this palette look kinda chalky. They probably dont have alot of pigments in it. They look nice in the swatches in the pictures on your arm but the arm gets more sun that the face usually so it’s hard to test colors there.

  2. With the flash they all look a bit similar (?) That sucks that they came with the same color again. I do like those three purples on the right of the pallette. They look great for a soft smokey eye!

    Along with the comment above, if you’re going to consider getting the 88 pallete. You can get them at Stars Makeup Haven. They’re cheaper and SMH has better packaging/shipping. I love my 88 pallette. I hear the double stack pallettes are much better though.

  3. their stuff not very pigmented hor?
    no wonder not as famous as NYX
    so far NYX treats me good but their packaging also quite cheapo (some items only la)

  4. @Shinbi_Belldandy – I have not tried them, I heard they are good. I’ll look forward for them in the future.

    @Dee – Haha, they look so same! I just don’t know why I kept discovering the same colors in palette. Too sensitive? I wish to get my very own 88 palette but don’t have the money yet. I found locally here, brandless 120-Color for RM60 (USD17+/-) and 88-color for RM40 (USD11+/-). It looked really pigmented and more affordable but I haven’t test on it yet.

    @LyNn – Yeah for this palette. I’ll show more reviews on their better palette that I have. They still have good ones around. I thought NYX packaging look quite exclusive, isn’t it?

  5. This palette is disappointing huh. It is kinda cheap looking palette. But I saw some makeup guru in youtube, they said this is pretty good and pigmented or maybe depends on the color? coz the one the had is traditional.

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