Unboxing Vanity Trove March 2013

Its that time again for another review of beauty box subscription. Here in my hands is Vanity Trove of March 2013. Previously, I did reviewed on their February 2013 box and I was quite happy on what they had to offer. There was quite a variety and handful of products.

Vanity Trove March 2013  2

Unboxing beauty boxes are quite thrilling really and you really wish its worth for what you’ve paid. Here is a teaser, quite a bit of papers going on there. Let’s go through the box thoroughly.

Vanity Trove March 2013 - Card

Going through on Vanity Trove March 2013 card. I was expecting something related to being sexy, romantic or red because they have posted same image in their Facebook. Here is their description for this month’s box.

“Temptress Seduction

Turn up the temperature as things get hot and sexy this month. Pamper yourself with March’s selection and unleash the inner siren in you!”

Vanity Trove March 2013 - Timeless Truth Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask

Timeless Truth Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask

” Excessively  pampered with Orchid, Purple Peril and Chamomile extracts, the TT Orchi Extract Whitening Mask whitens, brightens and moisturises. Each sheet is stretchable and form-fitting, giving you perfect comfort and full coverage for every application. There is even enough essence left in every packet to nourish your neck and body.”

I have not heard of this brand before. The mask is manufactured in Taiwan with Halal certification. This mask is suitable for all skin types and Paraben free. Its similar with those 3D mask available elsewhere for the stretchable and form-fitting   feature. The packaging is really exclusive and this can be considered as a full-sized product. I’m a big fan of sheet mask and I’m looking forward to try this! For more information, look out for Timeless Truth Malaysia.

Price: MYR 10.00 (per piece)

Vanity Trove March 2013 - Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation

Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation in YO 02

“The Skin Fusing Powder Foundation provides a natural coverage and ensures a shine -free appearance with its SPF 20 PA++ powder formula. Instead of staying as a thick layer of makeup, the foundation blends and melt into your skin when applied. This smoothens any uneven surfaces and gives you a dewy and radiant complexion!

This is the second sample that I received, previously was from Fabulous Finds June 2012 box. The shade that I had from there was OC 02 which is more suitable for fair with pink undertone complexion. As for this, this shade is suitable for fair to medium with yellow undertone complexion. The powder does blends easily with matte finish and it doesn’t have any scent to it.

Price: Casing with sponge MYR 60.00, Foundation Refill MYR 140 (10.5g) [both are sold separately]

Vanity Trove March 2013 - Lunasol Smoothing Makeup Base

Lunasol Smoothing Makeup Base

There isn’t any description about this makeup base and this is also the second sample that I received (previously was also from Fabulous Finds June 2012). There is two sachet here and each of it weighs 1g. It has a very mild body lotion scent, the texture is really rich and creamy. Once blended it does feel moisturising but I reckon this could be too rich for combination to oily skin types.

Price: n/a

Vanity Trove March 2013 - Sensiplus HydraSilk Day & Night Cream SPF10 & Gel Tonic

Sensiplus Hydrasilk Day & Night Cream

“…protects allergy-prone skin against environmental stressors and helps to relieve itching and irritation of skin. Armed with silk proteins, white tea and pure vegetable ingredients, this power-packed moisturising cream can be used round the clock for 24 hours.”

The top part of the image is where I have tested it. The texture of the cream can be quite rich and I reckon this would be great for those who has sensitive and dry skin. Once blended, my skin does look glowy and dewy. It also has a light flowery scent and I think its lavender. This sample comes in 5ml/0.17fl.oz.

Price: MYR  188.00 (50ml)

Sensiplus Hydrasilk Gel Tonic

“…works to soothe and moisturise one’s delicate sand irritated skin. Apply to your skin in the morning and evening after cleansing and gently massage in, followed by the Hydrasilk Day & Night Cream.”

The bottom part of the image is where I have tested it. The packaging reminds me of perfume samples. It has that citrus-ie scent which is very refreshing. Its in gel texture, blends in easily and gives that instant boost of moisture. I might give this a try, hopefully its not oily for me.

Price: MYR 138.00 (140ml)

Vanity Trove March 2013 - Asian Potions Hand & Body Lotion Potion

Asian Potions Hand & Body Lotion Potion

The description that was given in the card is Blooming Ginger Body Lotion which is different from what I have here. Basically their product is also Paraben, SLS and petrochemical free. This is by far the tiniest sample of hand and body lotion that I have ever received. Its in a tiny jar like an eye cream, the weight is not stated. It has jasmine flower scent and another flower which I’m not quite sure what it is. The texture is light but it takes a while to blend in. After applying, it does feel thick and slightly sticky on my skin.

Price: n/a

Vanity Trove March 2013 - Bio-essence Bio-Energy Firm & brighten Eye Creams SPF15

Bio-essence Bio-Energy Firm & Brighten Eye Cream SPF15

I was looking for a decent and effective eye cream and this comes in handy for me to try. There isn’t any description for this and it comes in 3ml. It does have a mild scent that I’m not sure what it is but it doesn’t smell horrible. the texture is really light and absorbs easily.

Price: n/a

Vanity Trove March 2013 - Lunasol Spring 2013 Makeup Collection

More from the box is Lunasol 2013 Spring Makeup Collection  brochure.

Vanity Trove March 2013 - Timeless Truth Brochure

Timeless Truth brochure, explaining the range of mask that they offer.

Vanity Trove March 2013 - Kanebo Makeup Lesson or Makeover Coupon

Kanebo personalized makeup lesson or makeover voucher.

Vanity Trove March 2013 - Timeless Truth

Timeless Truth 20% discount coupon.

Vanity Trove March 2013 - Asian Potion

Asian Potions 10% discount coupon.


When I was unboxing this, I thought it looked pretty empty after I removed the brochures and coupons. After going through thoroughly, I noticed that the samples are really tiny except for the mask. There wasn’t enough information about all the products in the box. Because Vanity Trove is more expensive than many other beauty box subscriptions available, this box doesn’t seem worth as much. Other boxes are offering  more larger sized products at a more affordable price. I was really happy with the previous box but not this month’s. Sorry Vanity Trove!

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This beauty box was provided for review purposes by Vanity Trove, kindly refer disclaimer.

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