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Sitting in the cafe excitedly unzipping my first beauty bag. Here I have with me is the Bag of Love May 2013 and I purchased this myself after observing how well their bag has been providing. If you haven’t know about Bag of Love, they are the same as monthly beauty box subscription but they come in little bags that is filled with surprises.

Bag of Love May 2013 2

The design of May 2013 bag is really dainty, elegant, cream in color with gold head zipper. When the bag reaches to my hand, it does feel heavy that gives me the idea that there will be a handful of goodies in there!

Bag of Love May 2013 - Card

A message from Bag of Love, thanking us for the continuous support and behind this card is a list of products featured in the bag. I prefer to show the product to you individually. In the list, there isn’t much description of what the product is but directions on how to use it and the full size price. Let’s check what’s in the bag to discover!

Bag of Love May 2013 - Calvin Klein Eternity

Calvin Klein Eternity 

There are two of it which another is meant for men. For Calvin Klein Eternity Eau De Parfum, the scent is florally sweet and warm. The full size for it is 50ml for MYR 254.00. For Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Eau De Toilette has that masculine fresh musky scent and I can give this to my BF! The full size for this is 50ml and priced at MYR 209.00. Both of the samples came in the same size which is 0.04 fl.oz or 1.2ml

Bag of Love May 2013 - Kerastese Nutritive Oleo-Relax

Kerastase Nutritive Oleo-Relax

This wasn’t included in the list and there are two sachet of 15ml or 0.51fl.oz each. Basically, this is a hair mask for dry and rebellious hair. I have not tried any of Kerastase products and I might give this a try.

Bag of Love May 2013 - Kerastese Bain Oleo-Relax & Dove

Kerastase  Bain Oleo-Relax (left)

This shampoo is meant for dry and rebellious hair, it suppose to soften the hair, make it silky and gives a control to the hair. This has a sweet refreshing fruity scent and almost felt like drinking it! It comes in a decent travel size amount of 30ml or 1 fl.oz. and looks really cute. The full size for this is 250ml for MYR 78.00.

Dove Beauty Nourishing Body Wash (right)

This is a full sized product which weighs at 200ml and retails for MYR 6.90. What this body wash does it that nourishes deep down to the skin with their unique blend of moisturisers. I’m not really a fan of body washes because I’m a true fan of papaya soap. Dove products are very well known for it nourishing and moisturising  properties which is great for dry skin.

Bag of Love May 2013 - Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Cold Ultra Restorative Capsules

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules

I believe this is one of their most well-known anti-ageing serum and it comes in cute tiny capsules whereby you can just twist to open at the tab twice. There are 7 capsules in this sample and for the full size, there are 60 capsules for MYR 320.00.

Bag of Love May 2013 - Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow

Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow Hand Therapy

This is a full sized of 25grams and 0.9 oz.  retails at MYR30.00 and this is the first thing that I saw in the bag because it was placed at the top and its bright color. It has that refreshing potpurri scent. The cream texture is quite thick, little goes a long way and once blended it is not oily at all.

Bag of Love May 2013 - Amante

In the bag also includes this complimentary basic manicure worth MYR 38.00 from Amante Nail Spa and Body Care.

Bag of Love May 2013 - Vouchers

Also, Elizabeth Arden information slip of their Ceramide capsules and Calvin Klein promotional purchase voucher.

Bag of Love May 2013 - Crabtree & Evelyn Voucher, Lavender Body Lotion

Lastly, 20% off voucher from Crabtree and Evelyn plus a sample sachet of their Lavender Body lotion. I take that as a bonus.


I love most of the content from the bag except for the Dove Body Wash. Maybe because it can be easily found from Watsons, Guardian and supermarkets but its still a great steal because its full sized. The shipment was separated into two batches to be delivered and mine was the second batch, I only received it two days later which I think is slightly time consuming because usually I get my package the next day right after its delivered.

My Rating: 4.3/5

If you’re interested to find out more of Bag of Love, just give them a like on their Facebook below and you’ll be receiving their latest update. Their bag subscription for each month is for MYR 39.90 and if you’re interested, you can subscribe to Bag of Love, here.


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    • I know right? I love their hair mask that had saved my crispy damaged hair.

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