Kang Mei Shu (KMS) Make-Up Brushes

As I have not started my career yet, I’m in for budget beauty buys that works. Lynn, has introduced to me make-up brushes which has dalmatians patterns on the handles. Yes, it’s white with black polka dots. You get to see it as you read on. She was very nice to do the posting to me about it, RM2 Trios. She found those lovely brushes in Ringgit Value near her place at USJ which is pretty far from where I am. Surprisingly, I found those lovely brushes just a few days ago. I’m not sure if it’s the same but they look very alike. So, Lynn if you’re reading this it will be for you too.

I have found those brushes at two stores and it’s called Kang Mei Shu (KMS) Make-up Brushes. First spot is at:

Black Queen, the outlet in Times Square. There is one more outlet in Sungei Wang. They are more specialized on selling accessories.

Kang Mei Shu (KMS) Make-Up Brushes. They are priced at RM4 each. It’s RM2 extra than what Lynn has bought but it’s still alright because I don’t have to travel far.

Kang Mei Shu (KMS) Mascara/Spoolie Brush

Kang Mei Shu (KMS) Angled Brush

Kang Mei Shu (KMS) Eyeshadow Brush

Kang Mei Shu (KMS) Lip Brush

Ain’t all the make-up brushes cute? Reviews on Lynn‘s post on RM2 Trios. The second spot that I found KMS brushes are:

Hot Market, Sungei Wang Outlet. There is one more outlet near Petaling Street. It’s an outlet that sells almost everything, clothings, bags, household items, undergarments, beauty accessories, make-ups, and etc.

All arranged for buy one free one promotion! It’s even better than Black Queen.

More of it at the beauty accessories aisle.

Kang Mei Shu (KMS) Loose Powder Brush. This was a little more expensive than the rest, it’s priced RM9. It was placed at the buy one free one promotion. I think still alright. This is the only place I found loose powder brush of this range.

Therefore, cheaper make-up brushes doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. If it works, it saves the hole you might burn in your purse purchasing on expensive ones. This is a great find, thanks so much Lynn!

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. sunway pyramid has black queen too i think. i always go there. bought some nail polishes from there too. cheap.

    my sister bought an eyeshadow duo from that shop before and claims its very nice.

    but as you know i dont get to borrow her stuff so maybe one day i’ll sneak and do some swatch test 🙂

    the 50% shop in sungai wang i went there before. its hugeee. i think there is one in summit but much smaller. not too sure if its the same

    cause the shop is in mandrin and im a banana.

    thanks for the post and credits 🙂

    * what are eProp?

  2. @LyNn – I’m not sure about their eyeshadow. It doesn’t seem convincing for me. This time it can be your turn to sneak into her stuff. Haha! Same here I’m a banana as well. The shop I went this one is known as Hot Market. No worries on the credit. It’s something I should.

    eProps are credits that we can earn to advertise and purchase better features for the blog within Xanga community.

  3. wow…these are cool. I’m sooo going to times square later on to get the brushes. hihi. Do they sell crease brush?

  4. @yumeko – Thanks for dropping by Yumeko-chan~ Well I hope I can still do it because not all stores allow any photographing.Hope to see you around more often.

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