L’oreal Warehouse Sales Feedback

Here is a feedback report on the L’oreal Warehouse Sales that I have announced a couple of post back.

The location is very easy to find, it’s in Jalan Ampang beside Avenue K building.

There’s hair products from L’oreal and Garnier, the price ranging from RM10 – RM20. There are hair colors, shampoos, conditioner, hair treatments and hair styling products available. There are travelling shampoos and conditioners available.

Skincare from L’oreal and Garnier, price ranging from RM8 – RM30, what’s not available are those new products available in the market.

Makeups from Maybelline and L’oreal price ranging from RM10-RM25( I can’t really remember but it’s very affordable). There were eyeshadows, blusher, mineral foundation, liquid foundation, pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss and etc,.. The L’oreal Super Liner was only for RM 10, Maybelline Mineral Foundation was RM15.

Most of the items were sold are usually almost comes with 50% discount or more of ordinary prices you see on the shelves. Bare in mind do check up on your product packaging before you pay because one of the lipsticks that I took, the outer packaging was in scratches and then inside was a little damage. REMEMBER TO CHECK IT, because there is no refund or exchange after you paid.

This information would be handy for you if you planning to go tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last day of the warehouse sales. Enjoy your shopping!

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. I swear, sometimes I want to live in Malaysia. You get such great deals!
    Sorry about your lipstick though. I can’t wait to see your haul post sweety<3

  2. We have sales like this, except we call them like outlets & stuff. there’s an AWESOME name brand one like a few hours away but I’m gonna go with a few hundred dollars one day if I have it. There’s too much stuff to go for…LOL


  3. @LyNn – Yeah I went on the day I posted this entry and I was out the whole day and made the effort to post this up at my bf’s friend’s comp.  Awww, poor you! If I know I would have gotten you the XXL mascara that both of us were hunting before. I’m great and still waiting for my eye to recover fully. Left about another 5% for it to recover. I didn’t even head to the doctors . Sorry, these days I couldn’t chat with you, sort of busy with job interviews. Will come back to you okay? *hugs*

    @Dee – For the great sales, you might want to stay here but I can tell you that most of the time you will not want to stay here. It’s polluted, hectic, traffic jams, dirty, pot holes and etc,..I didn’t really shop too much. Just a little, will post it up when I keep settle for this week.

    @Shinbi_Belldandy – Yeah I get it because when I was in Australia, they usually called warehouse sales like it outlet or garage sales. During promotional sales like this, everyone could go crazy picking the things that they saw. I was picking up easily at first until my bf went ‘Hey, do you need this?’ and I return it back because I have it already.

    @prettybeautiful – I didn’t really buy too much, just a couple of things. I will post it up soon when I get settled for this week.

    @topremier – Hrmph, I think there might be one end of this year or early of next year. I could only predict this because I’ve been observing the pattern of this warehouse ever since I came back from Australia.

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